2 hours left of our Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion - the animated fantasy series! We are 4% from reaching our stretch goal which is another episode! Since our backers choose (by voting) who they want to follow in the next episodes we have made a thank you illustration where the main characters are racing against each other! Amerath is in the leading position but Epic Wilhelm and Vito are really close to her! 2 more hours to vote or back the project if you haven´t already :)

Thank you everyone! The warmest and most passionated high fives to all of you!

In the next update on the Kickstarter we will also announce the winner of the drawing competition where you could get your own monster design (#toamonster) into the series from twitter, tumblr or instagram:) Follow us on youtube for much more about the series!

How long has it been since I last drew a picture Orz

Uni’s been so stressful I haven’t had the chance to draw anything and I’m starting to forget how to draw too xD

so much things going on atm, I’m going to Japan in August in about 2 months time, assignments due in a few weeks and I’m having very low self-esteem lately Orz