right, so, there’s no sketchbook per se this time around bc i’ve only had time to focus on workshop, so here are some wip shots! it’s looking much better than before so at least i’m more confident on the final result now. the presentation is on monday, so i’ll have to tell you how that goes. thesis has been… sighs
i had written an entire fuckin thing but this dumb app decided to obliterate that post so. i’ll tell you the whole story after the presentation, hopefully i’ll have better pics of the finished piece!

An Artventure Zone

Hey loves! Im all caught up on TAZ and will prob want to share artwork that will contain spoilers if you haven’t listened/aren’t caught up, in which case I’ll use the tag “TAZ spoilers” if you want to savior.

This might not be necessary but I want to be considerate (and maybe inspire new listeners!) Anything innocuous will be regularly tagged if you still want to see it!


dec 21- dec 28 : weekly art snappies (december faves, poetry, plants, and space) 🎨

for more of my artventures and my daily cray life updates, follow my (also cray) ig: flower.kid 💓

My comic submission for the upcoming Kushcomics anthology ‘artventurous’. Sadly, it was rejected! That does mean I get to share it with all of you now rather than later, though.

Someday down the road I’d like to do a collection of all the shorts and things I’ve been working on on the side, so it will see print eventually. For now, I hope you enjoy it as is.