The Outbreak, by ArturStanisz

I took this photo on the first weekend of July, during the overnight trip to one of my favourite places near Vancouver, the Garibaldi Park. It is a popular hiking destination, but there are still plenty of hidden spots for photographers. After about 18km of hiking I reached this viewpoint. I started to scout the area, found my camping spot and set my campsite. Initially the weather looked promising, but within one hour things started to change. Some weird haze began to cover mountains diminishing visibility. I quickly realized that it was a smoke coming from wildfires. At that moment I almost gave up on shooting that evening. But just before the sunset, the area cleared up so I ran to shoot some photos. This is one of them. About 30 minutes after this shot the smoke covered the whole zone. Note: This what you see on the sky these are not clouds but the smoke from wildfires. The wildfires have devastated the area of Pemberton. The worst wildfires in BC up to date. Thankfully, the worst has passed and it is getting better.