Mysterious Self-Portraits of Rachel Baran.

These beautiful photographs of a solitary female in an imaginative world are the work of the exceptionally talented Rachel Baran. Each photograph is conceptually based and tells a truly unique story.

Baran uses herself as a model and then makes slight manipulations in Photoshop to create fascinating details that completely change the image and push it outside the sphere of reality. Fire springs gracefully from outstretched arms, a bloody hand print hangs in the sky, and a lit tongue melts away like a wax candle. In these unconventional self-portraits, Baran perfectly creates a mysterious alter-ego for herself with an incredible, unknown world to explore.


This Wall In Romania Was Covered With Over 15,000 Origami Pieces For The No Hate Speech Movement

This year Cluj-Napoca in Romania is the European Youth Capital. On the 15th day of every month, an event is organized to send a message through simple actions.

This month, they chose to take part in the global No Hate Speech movement by decorating the city walls with origami. The wall you see in the pictures has over 15,000 pieces of origami that were put up in 12 hours.