Anime Expo 2017 - My Loot!

Okay finally I get to post my purchases from Anime Expo, I was on a hunt for Yugioh (mostly Bakura) items! My only findings were at the Yugioh Abridged Booth and Artist Alley…which was fine with me! ;p

I have never seen these shirts before, I really love them! Thank you @ronkeyblue for making these awesome shirts!!! To find a Ryou and Yami Bakura shirt, plus how could I say no to Marik’s (Melvin’s) Hug one! XD

Plus there was a Yami Bakura Poster?! OMG and Little Kuriboh signed it too - I didn’t even notice till I got home that he did! Again never thought I would have a Bakura poster either, I love it!

In the Artist Alley, I was able to find a Yami Bakura keychain! It is so awesome from @z-nth or Z-NTH.COM! Such an awesome artist, I was so excited to see she had Yugioh charms - thank you!!!!

The Postcard on the right of Yami Marik, that was done by artist @artsylee !Also an awesome person (see my last POST HERE)! :D I love having my mad search right before AX closes on the last day and I saw the booth with the Yugioh frame and mask! I was so happy and then I saw the postcard of Yami Marik and I had to have it! XD Thanks so much again!

Plus my Change of Heart card that was given to me by the Yami Bakura cosplayer, omg thank you so much again!!!

As a BONUS, when I got back I found this gem in the mail! :D It finally came after I had pre-order it a while ago! OMG A Ryou keycharm is another rare find! *dances happily*

Another bonus was Yami Bakura on the left here also came in the mail too! Now I have a growing collection that seriously only started with my Ryou coin figure and my doujinshi’s of course!

All and all it was a great time at Anime Expo! I enjoyed it and was happy to see all the wonderful Yugioh cosplayers and fans (lots of people seemed to know I was Change of Heart)! XD Some other finds I got there was by Dragon Ball Z Scouter, Octopus plushie (to go to my other collection), Sailor Moon stationary, and Corgi stickers! Thanks again!

If Anyone knows the artist or I forgot to Tag anyone let me know!