the ol’ squala magi/mahou same/madokasharks seem to be making the rounds again. it’s been many shark weeks since I first drew them and a lot has happened to pmmm in the meantime, so I doodled some more.

top: squala magi in civvies. it’s a hassle to have a bunch of accessories or extraneous magical markings when you’re just chilling out or going to school (or is it “shiver”? HURR HURR). I couldn’t think of any symbiotic shark-friend-fish besides remoras so bebe is just some dumb generic fish.

bottom: a certain infamous prehistoric shark species finally makes its squala magi debut. don’t think too much about the scale. point is, homucifer’s a big girl. with a rather creatively bankrupt design. i’m sorry

happy super belated shark week

Commission for zferolie over on dA (click through for full view), thank you for your patience! The brat from heaven and the bird out of hell. place your bets, folks.

This was kind of a trial run for the kind of commissions I hope to do in the near future….I guess it’s a gauge for how much people are actually interested in paying for this kind of work. Feedback along those lines appreciated, if there’s enough interest then I’ll roll out some prices! 

Whooee, bedtime.