(Larger version available on my devart :T)

Gaaaah so much learning! haha Between class, work, and personal projects yeesh. But I hope you guys are at least enjoying everything I’ve been coming up with.

So this will probably be the last of my flash crash courses centered around these eevee puppets. I’ll probably use them again down the road but it will be more for fun. Since this was all I had planned I’m not entirely sure what to do for any of the other eeveelutions like Umbreon or Leafeon. If you think of anything cute feel free to let me know! It would be a fun project for when I have free time XD

Thanks so much to my favorite darling animators mysterybensmysteryblog isaiahdjstuff chloepoisonhearts

and my good friend Patrick, for providing the spfx animations XD


My semester ended yesterday so I wanted to post some sketches I’d started in between assignments that I’d like to finish up relatively soon depending on how hectic my Christmas gets haha. I hadn’t drawn my favorits couple in a while and Rhett here is a personal character of mine. He’s a feisty one. Thanks so much for your patience guys!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s! I went out of town that weekend and had to hit the ground running with homework and work stuffs, so I’ve been pretty busy. I finally managed to tackle another commission however! And its of Lewis! Wooooo! I’d never rendered fire before so I hope it turned out looking okay :T