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Brookham - A beautiful, south-eastern English town; its history bringing religion and trade, countryside and port together; seemingly untainted by the black stain of its history with the occult.

Brookham, Night - The answer to the question: What is out there in the dark? It lurks in graveyards and sewers, alleyways and forest. Brookham Night is a dangerous place for the recently deceased and the recently troubled, teeming with shady cryptozoological Nightcrawlers. Who is the best and worst person for the job? Detective Alcott B. Grimsley, specialist on spiritual matters.

The World in Deeper Inspection is about the life of a Leeds-Devil detective, as he solves mysterious and curious cases for his mysterious and curious clients when Night falls. Flanked by informants and his Norse Giant bodyguard, he embarks on the thrills and mayhem, the ups and downs of his prolific career, told in short stories.

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