Mom bought me a white case with black polka dots for my phone. I asked my mom to buy me a plain white case but.. err okay. So earlier today, I decided to ‘customize’ my case. I want to cover the polka dots. Hehee. Materials I used : (1) Sticker paper (2) Pencil (3) Ruler (4) Scissors (5) Acrylic and poster paint (6) Paintbrush (7) Mixing plate (8) Cutter *to cut the hole for the camera (9) Circular template (10) Sharpie

I used this acrylic painting medium to make the sticker paper glossy and uhm.. waterproof. Hahaha. Last year, I asked my mom to buy me white acrylic paint but instead, she bought that thing. I really don’t know what’s the use of it.. not until now. :D


On a Sunday morning. I’m working on my critical analysis today. Well, lets just say there’s this application called MS Word and all you could see is a blank page with my name in it. Meh.

One quarter down, only three more to go until the end of senior year a.k.a. the last year of my high school life. I really want to have new friends before graduation.. but I’m too shy and socially awkward for that. What a shame.


They made some minor modifications on the design. The color was way too different from what I expected.. but I guess it’s okay. :) Still, I am secretly bursting with joy on the inside. Because of this, I learned how accept criticism. We live in a world full of critics.. you really can’t please everybody. :)

PS. I don’t have a body of a model so please forgive me haha! 
PPS. If ever you’re wondering why our (as Yr. 4 students or Seniors) color is yellow, don’t ask me why. Blame our school! Haha!