artsy sunday

Lazy morning tea and reading…

“I am no longer afraid of fear, and I will not let it rule me. Fear will learn to fear me.” - Tahareh Mafi~ Ignite Me


Have YOU been commanded by mystical voices beyond your comprehension to pick up STRANGE STAR-GLOWING EGGS hidden beneath the floorboards of a hideous giant MONSTROSITY and his two headed dog? Then you TOO might be graced by a PSEUDODRAGON FAMILIAR!

Sunday morning from Sister’s patio | Travel Journal 

Colour pencils, pen and ink on Moleskine Large sketchbook

 After having been in a tropical climate and supporting vegetation, it’s interesting to see how vegetation has responded to the climate bestowed here. Can’t wait to see the fauna, though I did see some squirrels the size of rabbits. I wonder how big the rabbits are. 

I’ve used watercolour pencils and lightly washed them with my finger as my brushes are still packed and in my boxes! Happy with it, nevertheless. :) 


Whats new instagram… woah woah woah woah oh!

(Sing that like Tom Jones)

  • Today I received a parcel of wonder from RoisinSwales (Who illustrated my blog) she sent through a print out of our illustration and we framed it ready to go on the wall. We absolutely adore it.
  • Lucas is trying out his new monster dribble bib from Littlelucasloves
    Click the link to see more.
  • I also made my first pillow today, this is floor cushion sized! Check that out on Littlelucasloves too.
  • My best friend sophieleighrose came over over with the littles and Niall and we had a little catch up and she bought me over my birthday card and a cute little early mothers day card from Lucas! She’s so cute. I’m lucky to have her.
  • Lucas was my apprentice the other day, I swear it’s not child labour, and liked pretending to sew. He kept looking back and smiling at me.
  • Finally Lucas having a picnic at Grandad’s house. He was chuffed with his food in his paddington bear lunch box.

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Also I’m 22 tomorrow!! As Taylor swift Kindly sings… “I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I’M FEELING 22!" 

Sunday, 26 April 2015 // 3:46pm

At the library with a friend revising my A-maths because I have a test tomorrow. Can’t sit at the study lounge because there’s no seat available so we just sit on the sofa/couch. By the time I posted this, the man has already moved next to me because he was asked not to sit on the floor. And it’s raining outside ☔️