artsy rants

Trying to fit into the art hoe mold is p much impossible for most people who aren’t privileged white girls. The cameras, mac computers, fashion, succulents, backpacks, art supplies, car trips all over, etc. add up fast. I love art and artists with every fiber of my being, but coming from a family of black immigrants with 3 other siblings, I just can’t afford it. It sucks how sometimes I feel like my dedication to art can only be measured by how many stuff i can buy to fit in to the art hoe mold. Not to mention how hard it is to find other poc in a movement that was initially made for poc. Like I have no problem with non poc “art hoes” and art blogs, and the creator of the term is ok with it, but I feel like what started off as a cool movement has been altered so that poc are once again the minority, even in a movement that was made primarily for them. So I’m trying to remove myself from the term. I don’t mean to offend anyone with what I’m saying and if my terminology comes off as offensive please let me know!!

I’ve seen ENOUGH artist hate today. I don’t understand what people get by being rude. So I want you all to keep a few things in mind, this goes to writers and all people out there creating something!

As Harry Styles once tweeted; Be nice to nice

1. Spread LOVE. When you send hate, it takes as much as ONE single word tp make somebody truly upset. But it also takes one word to make somebody happy. Don’t waste time on spreading negativity - if you’re gonna waste the time anyway, say something NICE!

2. Wanna criticise art? Do it KINDLY! Nobody is perfect is a very chliché saying, but let me tell you friend, it’s true. Some of us are studying are art, some are doing it as a hobby. Some are “better” than others, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever improve. Art is something you personally decide if you like. Picasso isn’t everybodys fave, is he? Fandom artists have followers than like their work, if you don’t like it ignore it! It’s easy! If you wanna tell the artist that they should work more on the shadows, make the eyes of a person bigger or whatever - go tell them nicely! We gladly take advice in order to improve.

3. Got a problem? Stand up for your opinion OFF anon. If you still gotta state your nasty opinion, don’t turn anon on. It just shows that you wouldn’t say this openly, so might as well not say it at all.

4. Art isn’t easy. You can do better? Good for you! (Let me insert a clip of Pewdiepie here when he says “good for you”.) But really, if you can do better, why bother? Let the feeling that your better make you feel better about your own work and keep it to yourself. If you can’t do better, you really shouldn’t talk. At all.

Yeah, no.  That mid-season finale to Sleepy Hollow was pretty weak.  Like surprise surprise, getting flashbacks to the season 1 finale because that’s all they could come up with.  Why can’t Ichabod be the one to be put in these situations again?  Why is Abbie always the self-sacrificing one? Why isn’t she allowed anything (relationships, happiness, etc), the way the other characters are?

But the thing that really irked me was the nonsense showrunner Clifton Campbell was spewing about the finale.  The entire time we’ve been given a very platonic, un-romantic relationship between Ichabod and Abbie, with them purposely being baited by the opposite sex in order to further deny any kind of romantic closeness…  then this turd is quoted as saying:

I don’t think there’s ever been a question that he’s in love with her. Those are complicated emotions… Crane is trying to find his place in the modern world, and [she’s] someone he had no choice but to immediately partner up with. In essence, it’s a supernatural work relationship. It’s hard to separate those two things out. But I don’t think that anybody who looks at the two of them, particularly when they are looking at each other, can’t see the unquestionable depths of their love for each other.

Really? … Fuck you, guy.  It’s very suspicious and convenient that this “of course he loves her” stuff is being brought up right after it was revealed the show is pretty much on the chopping block thanks to this season’s shit direction.  Dude is trying to save his ass and make a desperate play to tug the pissed-off fans back into his corner.  Hey guys I was on your side the whole time! I’m a shipper too!  Nah.  They pretty clearly enjoyed baiting people with Ichabbie blue balls for several seasons and it’s not a big surprise that people have had enough.  There were plenty of times they could have dropped clearer Ichabbie hints if they really were all gung-ho about the relationship from the start, but instead they kept playing up Abbie as too distant and focused elsewhere, and Crane as too hung up on everything but Abbie… as if they were still holding out hope that people would be ok with pairing the two up with other people.

Hey Clifton Campbell, you dumbass, you get one last shot at this.  If we don’t see Crane being utterly devastated in the next episodes and clearly indicating he had been so fucking stupid for not acting on his feelings, then it’ll be clear your excuses are pure bullshit.   Ichabbie isn’t some carrot on a stick you can use for fans, because they’re going to look up and see there’s a long stick of shit instead and abandon your lying ass.