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VIII. Shattered

Sleep doesn’t usually come easy to him, but for whatever reason tonight Evan settles into a deep slumber with surprising ease. Tonight has been… eventful to say the least. He hasn’t had a scare like that in months, and normally he’d be much more shaken up by it, but he’s eerily calm. Anytime Ryder is around, all of the worries and fears that normally cloud his thoughts just seem to wither away and it frightens him a lot more than anything else he’s faced tonight. It’s been so long since he’s felt safe around someone else and he isn’t sure how to process it all.

Evan jolts awake when his phone vibrates angrily against his palm. Amidst a yawn, he rolls onto his back pulling the phone up to his face. His eyes protest against the brightness of the screen as they skim along the notifications.

3 Missed Calls. 1 New Voicemail from Jae.

‘Oh god, I’m not gonna hear the end of this…’

With reluctance, he lets his fingertip graze the play button and he listens to Jaehyun’s berate with amusement.

‘I know you can hear your phone ringing, asshole and I know why you aren’t answering me. But don’t think for a second I won’t barge in there and interrogate your new friend. Call me back.’ 

The last thing Evan needs is Jae storming into his apartment uninvited trying to decipher his love life in front of Ryder so he pushes himself out of his bed with a frustrated groan and heads down the hall.

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