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Please. Joe got a BA w/honors at the Univ of Bristol and then went another 4 years to get another BA w/honors at that Drama school connected with the Univ of London. It's clear he is a serious actor. Tom H knows himself about being in Box Office flops but receiving critical acclaim. That is the same thing that happened to Joe. Joe doesn't need Tay to find a job.

I agree. I’m just going to assume he cares about being a working actor because if he or his newfound hordes of fans are obsessed with starring roles and box office results, it’s likely you’ll be disappointed, even if he’s great at what he does….because, as we’ve discussed, there is an attention economy, and there are limited spots for “elite” A-list type. If JA starts to get a career of supporting roles in artsy and low-key movies, people here might assert he’s B- or C-list, but the truth is that is quite successful. Jake Gyllenhaal’s career is pretty great, but he hasn’t been in many big box office films, nor has he gotten many awards. Many of you would never be satisfied until these actors are playing a superhero or villain.