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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 12.28.16

watercolor washi tapes by meowashitape

crafters, get super-creative with some fun and colorful washi tapes from hong kong-based shop meowashitape!! so many amazing patterns to choose from!


So a small group in art class is painting a mural on the wall of the school (including me!!) So I saw it as a perfect opportunity to hide some magic sigils inside of the mural to bring good luck and calmness to students at school! I painted over it and also blew on it to charge. We aren’t fully done with painting so I will be doing more tomorrow! 

bluelibby7  asked:

Headcannons about artsy Gryffindors? Like crafts and art and such?

  • when they start a new project they take up every space available to them like every bit of floor is covered in stuff
  • lying down by the lake in the summer and painting the mountains
  • having chats with the fat lady about different art techniques and eras of paintings
  • which ends up being super useful because she’s much more lenient when you show up in the corridor past midnight and the password’s been changed
  • talking to dean about how much you both love art while seamus rolls his eyes and starts tapping his wand on the table
  • which very nearly sets fire to your painting and you never let him live that down
  • painting on the dormitory walls
  • and then deciding to try and enchant the paintings to move because how cute would it be to have a little snitch flying around the walls??
  • but then the spell turns out to be more complicated than you thought
  • and long story short there’s now a square foot hole in the dormitory which MCGONAGALL MUST KNOW NOTHING ABOUT



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