artsy ari

the signs as artsy things

aries: the first brush stroke on a clean canvas
clean sketches in thin pen
gemini: ink paintings with vibrant colours
cancer: using your hands to paint
leo: blending in the colours to create shades
virgo: drawing and adding all the fine details to complete the picture
libra: using thin brushes to make quick, thin and elegant strokes
scorpio: black and white drawings that look like a realistic picture
sagittarius: freely splattering paint, ink or colours on a blank page
capricorn: the relaxing sensation of painting a single colour on a canvas
aquarius: painting with water colours with a thin and elegant brush
pisces: colours elegantly dripping down melted crayons

Zodiac Aesthetic: Aquarius

 "She’s a rebel, she’s a saint, she’s the salt of the earth and she’s dangerous. She’s a rebel, vigilante, missing link on the brink of destruction.”

//She’s A Rebel - Green Day//

When the Signs Like You

Aries: at first they thought you were super hot and just wanted to fuck you. but after a while they were like damn??? i actually like them a lot??? once this happens, they’re always rambling to their friends about how wonderful and hot you are. always kinda doubts if you like them or not.

Taurus: they stare at you like crazy, always wanna talk to you. odds are they’ve liked you for a while because they don’t catch feelings right away. try to play it off like nothing’s happening, but it shows with the things they do. probably wants to take you to cute romantic dinners. buys you something they see in the store that reminded them of you.

Gemini: they’re always thinkin’ about you, always talking about you to their friends (in a good way this time). probably send you funny pics that reminded them of you. maybe write cute love letters and dedicate songs to you. stresses out wondering if you like them back—very similar to aries!

Cancer: might make cute things for you, write lots of love letters, that sort of thing. very cutesy when they like someone, it’s really easy to tell. probably gets adorably jealous when they see you talking to someone else. fantasizes about your future together. plus the wedding after a week.

Leo: super super nervous around you, unless they know 100% that they have a chance at being with you. cracks jokes and makes awesome puns to make you laugh. tries to seduce you, does this by looking hot af. compliments you frequently.

Virgo: super chill on the outside, messy on the inside. they stay up at night thinking aboutcha, they look up tons of things to figure their feelings out (things like this text post). when they actually come into contact with you in person, they’re super cute and will always take care of you, putting you before themselves.

Libra: always taking selfies with you. you’re on their snapchat story multiple times. stares a lot, brings you up during conversation with people that might not even know you. listens to songs that remind them of you on repeat.

Scorpio: tries really hard not to show it, but it subtly shows. they probably stare at you without you even knowing it. they become super outgoing and want to do lots of couple activities with you. reblogs posts with song lyrics that reminded them of you.

Sagittarius: they want to do absolutely everything with you, when they have time that is. makes plans for the future, probably talks about how they wanna see the world with you. rants to their friends about how damn cute you are.

Capricorn: freaks out over actually falling for someone. probably won’t tell you directly how they feel, but rather will show you with cute gestures and casual flirting. it’ll probably take a while for you to figure out they like you.

Aquarius: stalks you on all your social media, talks about their discoveries to their friends. overly-analytical. do not screw with their feelings or give them mixed signals, you’ll ruin them.

Pisces: they realized they’ve liked you after contemplating whether they truly do or not. daydreams about cute scenarios with you guys as a couple. cries. does creative things for you like write you songs or poems because they’re artsy af.

Zodiac Aesthetic: Sagittarius

“Run and tell all of the angels this could take all night. Think I need a devil to help me get things right. Hook me up a new revolution, cause this one is a lie.”

//Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters//

Signs and flowers

Oh just let me smell this allergy bomb real quick: Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces

*takes a bunch of artsy photos*: Aries, Aquarius, Libra, Cancer

*tries to take care of flowers* *flowers die*: Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio

What The Signs Are Helpful With
  • Aries: Fighting People
  • Taurus: Shopping
  • Gemini: Lying for your ass
  • Cancer: Emotional Support
  • Leo: Getting you places you shouldnt be
  • Virgo: Money $$$$ cash money $$$$
  • Libra: v e n t i n g
  • Scorpio: Adventures
  • Sagittarius: Telling you shit someone said about you
  • Capricorn: Climbing "construct" ladders. (Social)
  • Aquarius: Homework
  • Pisces: Artsy stuff

Zodiac Aesthetic: Pisces

“The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start, my love. And if you’re strong enough, together we can take the world apart.”

//The World Is Not Enough - Garbage//

Signs as High School Cliques

Aries: the artsy clique 

Taurus: the jocks 

Gemini: the goths

Cancer: The knows and talks to everyone 

Leo: the popular squad 

Virgo: the smart kids  

Libra: the teacher suck ups 

Scorpio: the misfits that are secretly kick ass and hella fun 

Sagittarius: the too cool for school 

Capricorn: the band geeks

Aquarius: the stoners 

Pisces: the hipsters

the signs as blogs
  • aries: super artsy, loves to post sketches, drawings, etc.
  • taurus: likes all the cute animal posts and shares them all
  • gemini: has a really random blog, does whatever they want
  • cancer: constant reblogger, reblogging anything they feel like
  • leo: on top of the latest news, knows what’s going on in the world
  • virgo: into food, gets really hungry when they’re on tumblr
  • libra: loves to rant about their life, tumblr is their diary
  • scorpio: super passionate, always getting into huge arguments
  • sagittarius: really funny, always makes jokes and bad puns
  • capricorn: fandom obsessed, reblogs anything to do with their otp
  • aquarius: follows the latest fashion and loves to window shop on tumblr
  • pisces: very poetic, constantly reblogging deep quotes