Art Collab what the lovely @bev-nap

We decided to do a fun art collaboration together of our wonderful OTP, Prompto and Noctis from FFXV! In this version, she did the coloring and I did the lineart! I hope I did some justice to our boys! It was loads of fun and I loved tackling another style that meshed so well with mine!  ✯

☆ You can find the sister collaboration >>here<< ☆
❧ ❧ In that collaboration you’ll find that I did the coloring and she did a fantastic job with the lineart!!


i slept through all of yesterday so i didn’t get to post day 8′s drawing :((
anyway here’s sophie, a character i really need to draw more of

i don’t think i’ve ever described her here before
she’s a succubus, but she’s also incredibly lazy, very aloof, and almost entirely socially inept
she likes burlesque theatre and modern history
and hot dogs
she likes hot dogs very much