fucking around with peanut’s design a lil
i wanted to make her look more baseball-y and ruffian-looking, as well as make the blue in her palette more prevalent (so her white + blue complements bonnie’s black + pink)
her eyes also took me a million years to settle on but i think i managed to come up with something that reflects how carefree and happy-go-lucky she is

the second of the shitters i’ve been doodling recently

this is peanut, her and bonnie are r8 gr8 m8s
i initially just sketched a character which incorporated all the things i’m particularly weak for, particularly silver hair, glasses, braids, and sports attire and i liked how this came out so i kept it and gave her a name ((and by this i mean i complained about not being able to come up with a name on facebook and someone else came up with one))

peanut’s generally really stupid, but she’s really good at specific things she sets her mind to
for instance, she’s a pro baseball player ((though i need to work on her bag’s design so it looks more like a bat would be in there)), she knows a ton about import cars, and she likes cooking, but aside from that she’s dumb as bricks
her bag also taps into malletspace, she can pull anything out of it which can be used as an improvised weapon, from her trusty baseball bat to planks of wood to telescopes to fire extinguishers