soft mchanzo au™ where a young jesse is sent on a simple recon mission to hanamura and ends up falling in love with the heir to the shimada clan instead

spoiler: hanzo falls in love right back and everything is good ☆

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Sorry no clever name.. I have had about 3 amnesia Riley requests, I hope this satisfies you all :)

Word Count: 5588

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For days she’d laid there like she is now, unconscious and hooked up to various machines. It was a car accident that caused the head injury that put her in the hospital, she’d been in a coma ever since. 

Cory and Topanga had left Auggie under the supervision of Ms. Morgenstern as they refuse to leave Riley’s bedside and weren’t sure the young boy could deal with seeing his sister in such a state. 

The hospital only allows four visitors in her room at a time so the high schoolers are taking turns sitting with Riley’s parents and also keeping an eye on Lucas because even though they all have their own worries for Riley they knew Lucas would be taking it very hard.

The Doctors were saying that she’s fine and they’re hopeful that she’ll wake up any day now they just weren’t sure exactly how the accident could have impacted her conscious state and they wouldn’t know until she woke up. 

Maya and Farkle share one seat on the opposite side to Riley’s bed that her parents were sat on. Everyone in the room is asleep except the blonde. Farkle is curled into Maya’s side snoring softly, Cory and Topanga are wrapped in each others arms by the window. Maya is praying quietly for her best friend to wake up, making promises to be a better person if she did.

The other high schoolers were outside in the waiting room, Lucas needed to take a walk as the waiting was killing him. He left a sleepy Isadora and Zay to get some snacks, not that he really had an appetite but since he couldn’t sleep either he had to do something. 

Over the past few days the vending machine had been on the receiving end of Lucas’ anger. He may even have broke a finger after hitting it so hard one time but he was numb to the pain. 

Back in Riley’s room, Maya watches the steady rise and falls of her comatose friends chest, even if it was with assisted breathing it meant she was alive, it meant there was hope.

A doctor enters the room and sends the blonde a soft smile as he quietly takes notes from stats on the machine beside her bed. 

The tiniest shift of Riley’s fingers makes Maya jump and Farkle jerks awake beside her. Riley’s eyes slowly open and she blinks disoriented with her surroundings.

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What if when Vlad was in the hospital he wasn’t close to any windows. So practicing his powers he used them to create his own stars. Also i really like the idea of Danny doubting if Vlad is really a bad person. He’s done bad things but that’s because he has no one to guide him. So is he really bad, or is he just lost?

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DR3 Office AU

Okay, here goes.

Summary: The Future Foundation is the hip new office around town. They’re like Verizon or XFINITY or whatever - they have television marketing and wifi connections. They’re acronym is FFN - Future Foundation Network.

Kazuo Tengan: The big guy. The big boss. Probably runs on tea. You barely ever see him. He probably sleeps in the office. Does he even do any work?

Kyousuke Munakata: Office Chairman, Tengan may be ahead of him, but he’s the real reason things run smooth. Has a super duper serious face. The worst offender of The Office Camera Thing™.

Juzo Sakakura: Works in generally the same vicinity as Chisa. (Think New Game, like the four main employees but it’s just Juzo and Chisa.) If he is angry, nothing goes well. At all. Even Munakata has a damper mood if Juzo’s pissed off. Has a big gay crush on Munakata. Everyone knows except Munakata. Even his mom knows.

Chisa Yukizome: In like five places at once, constantly. Keeps things going at a more technical level. Small, seemingly insignificant shit is in her hands. Bakes cookies for everyone almost every day. Again, shares a cubicle like thing with Juzo. Munakata trusts her and Juzo the most.

Seiko Kimura: Best fashion sense in the whole office. Head of the advertising department. Shares a cubicle with Ruruka and Izayoi. At first they’re a bit standoffish due to their past, but they end up becomming inseparable.

Ruruka Ando: Funds advertising. See Seiko for more info.

Sonosuke Izayoi: Fine tunes advertisements, gets outside contact quick. Signs official documents with Kaomoji. (TLDR; Seiko designs ads, Izayoi gets resources, Ruruka handles the cash.)

Miaya Gekkougahara: Technological head. Has apparently hacked Anonymous, and the CIA. Has lots of secrets.

Ryouta Mitarai: Intern. Boss is Bandai. They don’t do much work. They are very competitive when it comes to Farmville.

Daisaku Bandai: Their PR Guy. Head of social media. Practically the mascot. Everyone loves him. Has Mitarai around as an intern.

Koichi Kizakura: How did he get here? Usually drinking it up in the breakroom. Talks to people over the phone. Bad breath. Why is he the receptionist again?

Class 78: New employees. Still don’t know how shit works around here.


Great Gozu: Seems to have some sort of friendly rivalry with Juzo. Can do about anything, but mainly eliminates problems, acts as a receptionist, and updates their website.

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Got any room for the 8 chibi genos bots in your Argo & Eclipse!AU? like their bits of star dust made accidentally while Genos & Sai where having 'rough close contact' or Genos sends them down into the deep to keep saitama company while he's gone?

Lol “ Rough close contact” 

but that’s the most accurate thing I could call it with Blood Moon!Sai and Sun!Genos - laugh- 

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Lilo and Stitch AU with Mondatta as Nani, Zenyatta as Lilo, Genji as Stitch and Hanzo and Jesse as Jumba and Pleakly.

ye s…..