Big Hero 6 Catboy/Dogboy AU!  Part 1

I said I’d draw one, ages ago, and I finally got around to it.  Were you expecting sexy catboys and dogboys? WRONG.  This is an AU where they act, very literally, like cats and dogs.  And lemme tell you, as the owner of a cat and a dog, I can say with utter certainty that they are not very sexy.  -.-  

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I have so many ideas for this dumb AU that I need to have a few more parts, including some mini comics.  So this is part 1.  Will try to post others under #BH6 catboy dogboy AU.

Also, while brainstorming my headcanons for this AU and the world they live in got a bit out of hand.  Very long headcanon ramble HERE.

Getting Michael to Leave Japan

Even though he shouldn’t c:

Calum: C’mon mate, we gotta go!

Michael: Nu-uh. They got cat cafes here!!!

Ashton: The cats didn’t like you though.

Michael: They just haven’t accepted me yet.

*pulls out anime toys and such*

Everything I want is right here!

Luke: I’m sorry, but you’re leaving Michael.

Michael: I can’t because I lost my passport. *smiles like an innocent angel*

Calum: We saw you putting it under your pillow Michael…

' Weiss Schnee. Hell, even the name sounds cold. CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world, she sure as hell has money to throw around. Bet that 'Daddy' doesn't know that his little princess is also the biggest 'Dust' dealer in the city. She even got the name of 'Snow White' because she's been known to ice her competitors off in cold blood. Last I heard, She's making some sort of 'personal gang' with the most notorious female criminals in the city. Look, the point being is that you don’t fuck with her, ya hear that?’

.:Grand Theft Auto: Vale City:.

protector// werewolf l.h. pt.4

   Pairing: Werewolf! Luke + Reader
   Word Count: 800
   Part One
   Part Two
   Part Three
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“This could either help us or kill us,” he frustratedly ran his fingers through his messy blonde hair. “I don’t think it’s going to work.”

“The chances are on our side, Luke.” The blue haired boy spoke up. “Knowing her, she won’t cause a problem.”

Taking a deep breath, Luke rubbed his tired blue eyes. “Be ready.”


This was it. There was no backing out now. The blue eyed boy had carefully thought out each and every detail of his plan: small and large.

“You ready?” He breathed, parking his sleek black Camaro on the side of the road. Biting down on his lip ring, he took a glance at the girl sitting next to him.

“I think,” she mumbled, opening the door to feel the wind bite at her skin. “Luke, do you think we’ll get a glimpse of them?”

“C’mere.” The blonde protectively intertwined their hands together. “We’ll see what happens, Y/N.”

They walked hand in hand, quietly observing the breath taking scenery surrounding them. The sun was beginning to set behind the vast mountains.

“How many times have you been here?” Y/N asked curiously, peering up to meet his sapphire blue eyes. Luke let out a small chuckle, squeezing her cold hand.

“A few times,” he smiled, noticing how her nose had turned red because of the cold. “You don’t like this cool weather, do you?”

“Not really. I grew up where it was like a desert the whole year.”

“Then why’d you decide to move to New Mexico of all places?” Luke curiously asked, wanting to know more about her.

“My mom… she’s the one who wanted to start over with her life. Being her only child sort of forced me to have to support whatever she wants.”

“Oh…” He pursed his plump pink lips thinking about what she had said. “I think you’re very kind for doing that.”


She let out a small giggle at a small brown bunny she had recognized. It looked at her for a second before running off into the deep woods.

Luke bit down on his lip ring, her laughter seeming to radiate through the forest. Without wasting for a second, he gently pushed Y/N against an enormous fern tree. Her mouth was slightly agape, her eyes taking in the close proximity of his warm body. Icy sapphire eyes glanced down at her flushed lips, he needed her. Luke leaned in, attaching their lips together. 

Y/N closed her eyes, her heart beating against her chest. Luke placed his hands against the tree as Y/N wrapped her cold hands around his neck. Her cold fingers on his skin made him moan into the kiss. Luke took in her scent, trying to control himself to mark her neck. Y/N played with the blonde curls at the nape of his neck, his warm lips moving in sync with hers.

Reluctantly, Luke pulled away to rest his forehead against hers. Both of them were panting and couldn’t help stop smiling at what just happened.

A loud howl broke the pair’s moment, when they both turned around to see where the noise came from. There not one, but three dangerous looking wolves ready to attack. Their perilous eyes were trained on the boy and girl. Out of fear, Y/N ran to Luke’s side.

“It’s th-the wolves I was talking about!” Y/N screeched, not knowing how to react. She anxiously looked at Luke, no trace of fear evident on his face.

“But then last time there was a seven foot white wolf too! Where’s that one?”

Luke started to take off his black leather jacket and placed it onto the ground. He intently looked at Y/N as he spoke, knowing that it would change both of their lives.

“It’s because I”m right here.”  He took off running, the wind hitting his body. HIs fingers turned into sharp claws, his hair turning into pure white. Y/N was speechless as Luke shifted into a wolf before her eyes.

"Do you believe in legends?"

This was the reason why Luke had agreed to go to the forest with her. The reason why’d he asked her about shape shifters at the diner.

He was a wolf. The other three must’ve been his best friends. 

Piercing blue eyes starred intently at her astonished face as he approached closer to her. She took a deep breath as the rest of the pack trailed behind him.

Y/N couldn’t wrap her head around what had just happened, her mind started to spin. Her eyes blacked out as she hit the ground unconscious. 

Luke watched in horror as he frantically motioned for the others to help. 

This wasn’t in the plan. 


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au: orphan black/the 100 crossover

sarah manning was part of the 100 that were sent to the ground to see if earth was survivable. now clarke and sarah must work together in order to save their people.


Passing closely (a cs au divergence fic) [part one] [part two]
           Emma’s first thought upon looking at the pregnancy test was that she was seriously cursed. There was no other explanation for how contraception had failed her not once in her life, but twice. And while the circumstances surrounding this pregnancy were different from the first one, they were no less complicated.

          She should have just left. She shouldn’t have relied on hormonal contraception when she was in the goddamn Enchanted Forest. Regina wasn’t always right, but she’d been right about this: Emma hadn’t been thinking about consequences. Read more