Bellarke AU; Sensates

Clarke Griffin grew up on one side of the world in a privileged society, while Bellamy grew up in a less privileged society on the other side of the world. The two of them had never even realised the other existed but when they would visit each other in frequent dreams, speak to each other and feel the other’s presence around them. They realised that they were connected, emotionally, physically and mentally. Whenever one was in trouble, the other would come to their aid. Whatever one felt, so would the other.

imagine stealing calum’s hoodie on tour because the air conditioning on the tour bus was too chilly for you, and his sweatshirt was just casually laying around so you’d pull the soft material over your head while letting the sleeves cover your hands as you curled up on the couch and watched the world go by outside the window. calum would come in a few minutes later looking for his favorite hoodie, smirking when he saw you wearing it as he walked over to you and gently pulled you up off the couch so you were pressed firmly against his chest. “I believe that’s my hoodie, y/n,” he’d whisper as his hands slip underneath the fabric and onto your skin, his cold fingers making you jump a little as he laughed and started kissing along your neck. you’d pull away from him and raise your eyebrows at your boyfriend, refusing to give him his sweatshirt back because you were just way too comfy to give it up. calum would confidently smirk at your little challenge, crashing his lips onto yours as your mouths feverishly moved together in sync, his large hands cupping your ass before slowly dragging themselves up your body until they were tangled in your hair. you were so entranced by the euphoric feeling of calum’s lips on yours that you didn’t even notice your half naked body as calum successfully slid his hoodie off of you, clinging onto him for warmth as he smiled into the kiss and carried you to his bunk because “I think that sweatshirt looks better on the floor, darling.”

Imagine Person A of your OTP being way shorter then Person B. Person B enjoys making fun of Person A’s height, which by nature really pisses Person A off. Person B enjoys seeing Person A upset, and after a while Person A gets over it but continues to play it up like they still get mad because they find Person B cute when they’re mocking them.

AU: Percabeth’s son

a lot talked about how percabeth’s daughter would be.. but not son.. so me as a percabeth trash i wanted to make it

  • Percy and Annabeth’s first child was a boy
  • a little cute baby with black hair and sea green eyes just like his father
  • after long discussions they finally chose a name to their little baby
  • they named him “Luke” after their old friend and hero of olympus
  • Luke grew up in a warm and lovely family
  • he has Percy’s personality
  • but no one knew that he also has Annabeth’s brain
  • his first sword was a gift from Leo, or as he like to call him “uncle Leo”
  • it wasn’t a real sword, but this sword who made him a as great with swords as his father
  • Luke grew up training with his father
  • Blackjack calls him “little boss”
  • and he’s “mini fish” to Leo
  • and “little seaweed brain” to Annabeth
  • he loved sitting with his mother and he even learnt a lot from her
  • “Percy… your son is reading a map”
  • “what’s wrong with that ?”
  • “he’s just 5!!”
  • “i guess that’s Annabeth’s thing”
  • he found out about all the Greek Mythology things when he was 7 years old
  • “so that mean i’m the grandson of Poseidon and Athena”
  • he was Poseidon’s favorite grandson
  • he could breathe underwater and even control water
  • his first pet was a golden fish, a gift from Poseidon
  • he called the fish “bob”
  • when he got a sister he was like her bodyguard
  • Luke was very proud of being the son of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase
  • Luke loved when Jason comes to their house so he can hear all the stories about the seven’s adventures
  • he was great at war’s plans and maps and even greater with sword
  • “I’m the son of Percy Jackson losers”
  • “thank gods he has your brain wisegirl”
  • “but he’s greater because he’s just like you seaweed brain”

so here’s it…. not good i know but i just wanted to make it


Matt Espinosa AU: You’re dating him part 2

This was requested - unfortunately I don’t know who messaged me about this, but I got a few requests who wanted more of Matt so;

here you go, sorry you had to wait so long 😘


Marrish Social Media AU [1/?]

Over Summer break, not only did Lydia convince Deputy Parrish to get snapchat, but they spend their time not looking for supernatural anwsers goofing off.