Person A has been chatting and emailing with someone they’ve met on the internet. And though it may sound weird, they have not exchanged photos or Skyped, so person A has no idea what this person looks like, and likewise the other way around.

Person A has fallen in love with this person and is excited when the person asks for a date. Photos have still not been exchanged. A has gotten a (vague) description. Tall, handsome, pretty, etc. But the person will have something recognizable, like holding a flower or wearing some sort of hat.

The meeting is at a bar and A waits there. Various people come and go. Until person B comes in who fits the vague description and happens to have the flower/hat/whatever. A gets excited and immediately drags B into a date.

But what A doesn’t know, is that B is not the person behind the emails. It’s coincidence they match the description. But B doesn’t mind suddenly being flirted with by A, who looks very cute.
How will they find out this is all a big misunderstanding?

Bonus: Person C is the one behind the emails, who’s good friends with A and got a crush on them. Afraid to ruin the friendship, they started with the emails, but then finally wanted to tell the truth.

So many of you liked Pidge as Peridot and I do too so here they are/she is(??)!!!! They’re basically a model for how the team’s suits look like (thus a drawing from both the front and back) and I have to say I like it quite much. It’s just their regular space suits minus the collar and and jet pack and very simplified. And UGH i love them. I’m probably gonna do the others later tomorrow. ✨

What do you mean it's 4AM

All-Nighter AUs for all of us bc we’re night owls

  • We’re new parents who were excited before leaving the hospital but now I want nothing more than to have sleep

  • Alternatively: Babysitting makes me want to ram my head in a wall please shut this thing up

  • Hair dying adventures!!

  • Slightly unsettling burst of motivation at 2AM to paint/redecorate your room

  • You have an assignment that’s worth 30% of your grade and this is when you choose to start??

  • Hey let’s sneak up onto the roof to watch the sunrise

  • Movie marathon to celebrate something

  • You spent all night reading fan fiction/au prompts (<– this is the best one ~mod karissa)

  • Alternatively: You spent all night writing fan fiction/au prompts

  • You had a hankering for brownies at 1:30 AM and went to the dollar store to get the mix but came back with several pokemon and a dog

  • I wanted brownies but I ended up trying to hatch my pokemon eggs and found this dog his name is brownie

  • Moving in and making furniture

  • You only ever do work at night which explains why you fall asleep so easily at lunch

  • You drank too much coffee during the day so now you’re bugging me to do something with you because ‘I’m boooooooored’

  • Jet lagged after a long ass flight

  • You’re skyping people in another time zone so you can play League of Legends

  • It’s your wedding night and you went for Chinese food and board games over ~other things~

  • Existential crises

But also that one scene from bob’s burgers

  • ‘do you think horses have weird dreams’ ‘oh my god Tina go to bed’ 'okay’

dndstuck based off this also because this is the dorkiest au and i love it

oops I’m garbage! 

okay but for real tho, hogwarts overwatch au???? dva is the youngest most kickass quidditch chaser with a million fans, tracer is seeker obvs (lucio is seeker for hufflepuff) pharah is beater (JUSTICE) mercy is her ravenclaw doctor gf that is always looking for new magical medical advances. tracer and widowmaker make out in the prefects bathroom

some school aus

almost all of these are based off personal experience tbh

- youre sat alone in the canteen eating an avocado with a teaspoon r u ok

- you took the test before me and gave me notes on what the questions were you are a pure sweet angel of god ily

- were holding a contest on how many pieces of a glue stick we can slice off with a ruler and throw at the ceiling/wall/teacher’s arse without them noticing

- were doing the bleep test and dragging each other along and its working surprisingly well

- you sit next to me in maths and youre super bright and our teacher is Bad can you pls explain cosine rule to me

- were sat next to each other on the same summer school trip stuck on a coach in the boiling heat pray for us pls

- my sponge cakes turned out like frisbees and you were the only person in my food tech class that didnt laugh at me

- we dont normally hang out but im sat next to you for english and holy shit youre really funny and also sorta cute

- ive had a crush on you for 3+ years and now youre going out with my best friend and i definitely havent locked myself in a toilet cubicle to cry

- were working together for a music project and youre really pedantic and keep snapping at me what did i do

- you bring up an old in-joke from years ago in lessons and it takes a while for me to get what you mean but when i do we’re both in hysterics

- you were playing the bottle flip game and i had a go and accidentally hit you in the face im so sorry

- we went on a biology field trip and found a wounded bird and our teacher told us we had to kill it so we made it a little grave and mourned it together

I’ve Been So Blind

for @rise-fallen-angel, just because. <3

Cas’ birthday party was going absolutely fine, until someone suggested blind man’s buff. 

He groaned internally. He was seventeen and he shouldn’t be expected to play dumb games - ones that he’d always been awkward about playing, even when he’d been tiny.

“This is grown-up blind man’s buff!” another person said. “When you catch someone, you either have to give them a kiss or a slap!”

Which, of course, made Cas cringe even more. He was about to disagree, but then -

“No speaking when you’re caught!” someone else agreed excitedly. “That way, the blind man has to try to guess who you are!”

Cas couldn’t honestly think of anything worse than standing in front of an unknown person and having to either slap them, or - kiss them.

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Beautiful AU

‘So, here’s the deal: I actually joined this gang as a spy from another gang, but I kind of fell really hard for you along the way even though you’re loyal as fuck to this shitty gang that I happen to try to bring down, so now I really don’t– wait, you’re a spy too? From a third gang? Why didn’t you tell me that before you asshole, i’ve been struggling with this deadass dilemma for months!’ au

submission - music
  • you have a hella nice voice and i’m an aspiring song writer. wanna collab or something?
  • you’re trying to tell me that dubstep is better than swing music, try again you cute little shit. :^)
  • so i just finished producing a song as an indie artist and i wanna make a music video for it. your dancing is literally godly. please bless my music video with that please
  • i dont know anything about music theory but ive already composed hit songs. you’ve taken lessons for years but you’re still struggling with a melody. please dont kill me.
  • i bought you a tenor sax for your birthday and oh fuck it was actually an alto sax ahahaha im sorry
  • the first time you heard me swear was because i couldn’t remember the key this song is in, stop teasing me for this please
  • i suck at singing but you’re nice enough to tell me im good. thanks but i just had like three people tell me to stop singing. 

anonymous asked:

pastel and punk au prompts?

  • Character A is very pastel aesthetic – shimmery lavender makeup, ‘soft’ colored clothing, glitter, etc. – while their best friend, Character B, is the epitome of punk. When the two of them have a sleepover, Character B offers to give Character A a few ear piercings, so that the two of them can match.
  • Working in a pretty liberal part of town, Character A is allowed to defy gender norms and dress in a fairly gender ambiguous, pastel rainbow child sort of aesthetic fashion. Character B has always felt like they need to put up a tough front, and expresses this through their punk clothing. In reality, Character B is a huge softie, and Character A loves to draw that part out of Character B by showering them with affection.
  • “Here, scrub off that black eyeliner and let me put on some glitter. Shhh, you look great, just give me a minute to finish up your face.” AU
  • When Character A’s band’s drummer quits, Character A is left to try to find somebody else. Character B certainly doesn’t look like they could be in a punk band – with their prismatic colored clothing and dopey smile – but it turns out that Character B is exactly the type of drummer that Character A needed.
  • Character A is very punk rock, while their significant other, Character B, is a polar opposite. Even though it looks like Character A would be the one to pick fights, Character B is always ready to claw somebody’s face with their pastel pink nails, which often leads to situations where Character A has to drag Character B away from potential fights.
  • “Has anybody ever told you that you give the best hugs? Giving you a hug is like being enveloped in glitter and cotton candy; it’s so fantastic.” AU