A smite fan skin concept I did for Jing Wei: Phoenix. It started as a Norse Valkyrie-like concept, but after some color tests, this came out and I decided to go for the fire.

This is the last artwork reward for January batch on my Patreon. High resolution, full artsteps, psd file and a timelapse coloring video will be available within a full art bundle if you still pledge today:

Hope you like it!

step 1

learn from someone, like ur rad grandpa who knows how to art

step 2

observe and cry bc the person ur learning from is way better then u 

step 3

try it

step 4

realise that ur able to do something and practise :) 


After hours of work, here it is: A somewhat modern take on the beatles cartoon. I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t trace this, I did, but it was mostly because I wanted the lineart to look clean  I know, the shading makes absolutely no sense, but god damn it I like it.

You wont be able to find the exact frame in the cartoon this is from because it’s actually two frames edited together, but they’re from 24b if anyone cares.