Current States Of The Fandoms

Adventure Time: Yes we’re pleased, please proceed

Steven Universe: We’ve resorted to memes cuz hiatus

Homestuck: suddenly homestuck

Gravity Falls: if you listen closely you can hear their voices, right behind their ford art

Star Wars: more like Mysogynists vs. Actual Human Beings Wars 

Miraculous: that bitch Volpina, she fooled us good *holds tight to their ships*

Star vs. The Forces of Evil: AAAAAnnnyyyytime now

Undertale: keep on shitposting don’t stop guys

Over The Garden Wall: *exists*

Wander Over Yonder: OH. HELL. NO. DISNEY DON’T DO DISNEY!!!

Game Of Thrones: so it begins

Looking for blogs to follow

I know I’m probably following a hundred people right now but I think I need a person who posts any of/ these stuff:

Over the Garden Wall

Gravity Falls

Steven Universe

Wander Over Yonder

Adventure Time

Regular Show

Camp Lakebottom

Their art

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

Encouraging posts