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Current States Of The Fandoms

Adventure Time: Yes we’re pleased, please proceed

Steven Universe: We’ve resorted to memes cuz hiatus

Homestuck: suddenly homestuck

Gravity Falls: if you listen closely you can hear their voices, right behind their ford art

Star Wars: more like Mysogynists vs. Actual Human Beings Wars 

Miraculous: that bitch Volpina, she fooled us good *holds tight to their ships*

Star vs. The Forces of Evil: AAAAAnnnyyyytime now

Undertale: keep on shitposting don’t stop guys

Over The Garden Wall: *exists*

Wander Over Yonder: OH. HELL. NO. DISNEY DON’T DO DISNEY!!!

Game Of Thrones: so it begins


Ode To Joy X JAPAN VERSION [ submitted by hidexjapan1312 ]

Ode To Joy (Beethoven - Version 1993 - X JAPAN Returns)

Vocals: Toshi
Lead guitar (Fernandes hide MG-145X.): hide
Rhythm guitar (1959 Les Paul Standard): Pata
Bass guitar (signature Fernandes FJB-115H): Heath
Drums (Tama Artstar II: Clear Acrylic custom finish): Yoshiki

Ode To Joy (Beethoven - Version 2008 - Attack 2008 I.V. - Towards Destruction ~Night of Creation~)

Sugizo (Luna Sea, X JAPAN)
Wes Borland (Ex-Limp Bizkit)
Richard Fortus (Guns n’ Roses)
Bass: Heath
Drums: Yoshiki
Vocals: Toshi


Marina Abramovic gives some great advice, thanks to ArtsStarsTV