Our very popular event I Like Your Glasses: Literary Speed Dating with CoverSpy (coverspy) is back for fall! A night of speed dating for those who’d rather be judged by their book cover (glasses not required). $15 registration includes a free drink ant 10% off books all night.

ILYG is so popular, ladies tickets are already sold out, but please join the wait list (we release tickets to the last event’s wait list early) in case a ticket opens up and to hear more. We still have some gentlemen tickets available; get ‘em now, this one always sells out!

Poster illustration and design by artsparrow.

Ladies tickets are SOLD OUT but we’re still in want of some fine literary lads for I Like Your Glasses: Literary Speed Dating, Hosted by CoverSpy. This is the third speed dating we’ve done and it’s so. much. fun. It’s very focused on books, so you’ll definitely have something to talk about and hopefully, at the very least, walk out with some book recommendations. Use the code “GATSBY” for $3 off your ticket.

Notes: This particular speed dating is designed for M4W and W4M, 21–39 years old. We have done a queer ladies event in the past and hope to do another, and we hope to also have events for different age ranges if the demand allows.

Poster design and illustration by Andrea Sparacio.


Introducing my Gemsona, Whitby Jet!
(A little late I suppose but hey, better than nothing!)
Gem: Jet (self designates as Whitby Jet, jet from Yorkshire, England)
Weapon: Glaive/Swordstaff
Gem Abilities: History/Memory Recall, Jumping, Nerdpower
Sig. Other: Blue Zircon; Fuses to Lightning Opal

Geek for Human History, Fascinated by Language, Secretly Likes Dolls - all round introverted dork. Like me!

Drew her forever ago and since the Stevenbomb I’ve been on an SU bender! Departure from canon a little to have her associated with my home county.



Okay so, I really enjoyed Frozen - it has it’s problems and I’m not about to defend them, there are a LOT of things Disney could have done better - but I had fun watching it, and I adore the soundtrack. And the ice!! THE ICE WAS SO PRETTY OKAY.

<3 So Elsa is gonna be the victim of doodling for a while now, I think. I might even do a redesign of her how I had hoped she might be!


Doodles from BFX!

Now that we’re coming to the end of our time in Bournemouth I figured I’d upload some of the crap I’ve been doodling on my little mini-breaks.
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been planning an Alice in Wonderland project thing… yep. :) The last one is a snippet what Lucas and I might have done for our film, had we not been told it was inappropriate. xD

Also I’m helplessly hooked on Attack on Titan (SNK) and Free!. That’s me at the top there in my Recon gear crying about feels and boys in swimming trunks.