artspace Gallery is one of the non-profits participating in The Amazing Raise – an online fundraising campaign sponsored by GiveRichmond & The Community Foundation who are giving thousands in incentive prizes during the 36-hour raise (orgs that have the most $50 donations, early bird prizes, etc).

The event is from 6am Wed, Sept 19 - 6pm, Thurs, Sept 20 at

artspace is glad for any donations and will be targeting the Sunset Prize (7:09pm on 9/19) and the Prime-time Prize (most unique donations of $25 or more during 8-10pm). We will have a live party at the gallery on Wed the 19th from 6-10pm if you want to see our exhibitions and donate online while at the gallery. We will have laptops set up, libations, snacks, etc. See you there or see you online!