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Did Harry quote Bukowski on "Woman"?

Old Man, Dead in a Room by Charles Bukowski

this thing upon me is not death
but it’s as real
and as landlords full of maggots
pound for rent
I eat walnuts in the sheath
of my privacy
and listen for more important
it’s as real, it’s as real
as the broken-boned sparrow
cat-mouthed, uttering
more than mere
miserable argument;
between my toes I stare
at clouds, at seas of gaunt
and scratch my back
and form a vowel
as all my lovely women
(wives and lovers)
break like engines
into steam of sorrow
to be blown into eclipse;
bone is bone
but this thing upon me
as I tear the window shades
and walk caged rugs,
this thing upon me
like a flower and a feast,

believe me
is not death and is not
and like Quixote’s windmills
makes a foe
turned by the heavens
against one man;
…this thing upon me,
great god,
this thing upon me
crawling like snake,
terrifying my love of commonness,
some call Art
some call Poetry;
it’s not death
but dying will solve its power
and as my grey hands
drop a last desperate pen
in some cheap room
they will find me there
and never know
my name
my meaning
nor the treasure
of my escape.

life tip: stop making art advice posts and videos that say “never do” or “always do”. the idea that the method of creating art needs to fit into your weird little box of “do this or it’s not good” or “if you do this youre a bad artist” is shit. art advice should be just that, advice, a set of tips and methods that an artist can employ if it’s useful to them. like “never shade with black” is a shitty thing to say because there’s plenty of art that does exactly that and turns out amazing (see the art from no more heroes)

art advice should just be advice and not some stupid methods you decide are the be-all end-all for art

some methods just dont work for some people, and other things that you think are terrible things to do can work really well in the hands of someone who can use those methods effectively

i guess what im trying to say is i hate art advice posts that use the words “never” and “always” because those guidelines you set for yourself may not work for other people and artists should stop just assuming that art methods exist in a vacuum where if you do one thing wrong youre a bad artist


Progress report:  Roughs and Line-art

Some of my old roughs are pretty terrible; I got a lot better at drawing the characters as I went on. 

While my later roughs are really nice, and require little more than a mild polish to be used, my early ones are mostly crap and need to be redrawn. Sometimes completely, as we see with Jasper’s curiously flat face in example three. Usually I’ll repose a shot if I don’t think it fits well enough, like here where Lapis is surprised at Peridot’s outburst, now she merely finds it tiresome

Progress will be faster the further ahead I get in the roughs.  

Female archaeologist: Maybe women in the Paleolithic made art

Some asshole: Um :) Sweetie :)) Actually women have only ever had value as baby-making machines and men created everything in the archaeological record :) It’s totally a coincidence that the dominant interpretations of the distant past replicate & implicitly validate my modern biases :))

you are art

some people will misinterpret you

some people will merely glance at you

some people will critique you

some people will try to buy you

some people will stare at you in awe

some people will appreciate you

some people will study you and know all of your details

whichever it is, you’re still art,

made by the hands that swirled the galaxies,

crafted by the Molder of the mountains.

you, a novel in the works,

a portrait of Grace that needs finishing touches.

so if someone doesn’t like what they see,

or what you make them feel,

please don’t forget

your worth is not determined by spectators.

they didn’t design your pattern with care,

they didn’t chisel away the sharp edges of your heart,

they didn’t see the ripped canvas you once were.

the Artist did.


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FEATURED SHOP: Dessi Designs

FEATURED ITEM: Watercolour Cactus Wall Art

Some quick links around her shop:

Phone case favourites: sail boats || enjoy today || triangles || sea life

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P.S. If you wanna see a detailed review + more pictures click the link below!

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Teen Wolf Fall Harvest Reveals!

Below you will find the complete author/artist names revealed.

After one month of posting, we have given you 95 fic, art, and vid, including: 46 Sterek fic, 42 non-sterek fic, 6 art and 1 vid.

We hope you enjoy them all, and for those of you who received a gift, please remember to leave a comment thanking your gifter.

It’s been a blast! We’d like to thank all our participants, especially our precious pinch hitters: eldee, eeyore9990, KuriKuri, Tryslora, Mmmdraco, nerdyderekhale, accordingtomel, radlilim, rjosettes, mikkimouse.  You guys are our saviors!

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Not too detailed backgrounds

The winners are random

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Deadline: October the 1st

1st Prize:

An art of choice(Headshots, ships, chibi’s etc.)

2nd prize (choose 2 of the following):

Chibi art


Lineless art


Ship art

Flat colored art

3rd prize(Choose one of the following):

Lineless art

Clean Sketch

Chibi art

Gore art

Flat colored art

(If this hits 100 notes)

4th and 5th prizes (Choose one of the following)

Chibi art

Clean Sketch

Flat Colored art

Some Examples:

Chibi art:


Clean Sketch:

Flat colors:


Lineless art:

Good luck!!!  ━゚+.ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ.+゚━

After winning the 2015 IGMC, Corinne Cross’s Dead & Breakfast is coming to Steam on August 18th with updates and a brand new game mode! So what’s new, exactly? Here’s a final list with all the details!


  • New maps and characters (Chloe the florist and Dimitri the greengrocer)
  • Improvements to the art
  • Some improvements to the writing, better handling of the multiple endings
  • More illustrations
  • Bug fixes, of course!
  • More content in general, detail stuff, general polish
  • Steam achievements!

New Game + mode:

  • Harder version of the game
  • Alternate dialogue for many conversations
  • New bonus scenes
  • Extra content
  • Secret stuff, the word secret used pretty loosely

Corinne Cross’s Dead & Breakfast had a really warm reception at the IGMC, so I hope people will enjoy the updates too! The Steam store page is coming soon.

Teen Wolf Fall Harvest is DONE!

The last entry has been posted for Teen Wolf Fall Harvest!

It has been an incredible month of fic, art, and vids. If you received a gift in this fest PLEASE make sure you leave a comment for the creator. They worked hard making you a gift. Also, if you happen to have not changed your publication date since your work was posted, be sure to do that, so that it gets the love it deserves.

Reveals for this fest will be Dec 6! At that point all author/artist names will appear on AO3 and you can post to your tumblr/twitter etc and promote your work. Until then, please stay anon!

In case you’ve missed any from the second half, the mods have compiled a list below of all the fic, art and vids that have been posted in the last couple weeks including:

  • 22 Sterek fics
  • 23 fics of non-Sterek pairings
  • 3 art pieces

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