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Deadline: October the 1st

1st Prize:

An art of choice(Headshots, ships, chibi’s etc.)

2nd prize (choose 2 of the following):

Chibi art


Lineless art


Ship art

Flat colored art

3rd prize(Choose one of the following):

Lineless art

Clean Sketch

Chibi art

Gore art

Flat colored art

(If this hits 100 notes)

4th and 5th prizes (Choose one of the following)

Chibi art

Clean Sketch

Flat Colored art

Some Examples:

Chibi art:


Clean Sketch:

Flat colors:


Lineless art:

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After winning the 2015 IGMC, Corinne Cross’s Dead & Breakfast is coming to Steam on August 18th with updates and a brand new game mode! So what’s new, exactly? Here’s a final list with all the details!


  • New maps and characters (Chloe the florist and Dimitri the greengrocer)
  • Improvements to the art
  • Some improvements to the writing, better handling of the multiple endings
  • More illustrations
  • Bug fixes, of course!
  • More content in general, detail stuff, general polish
  • Steam achievements!

New Game + mode:

  • Harder version of the game
  • Alternate dialogue for many conversations
  • New bonus scenes
  • Extra content
  • Secret stuff, the word secret used pretty loosely

Corinne Cross’s Dead & Breakfast had a really warm reception at the IGMC, so I hope people will enjoy the updates too! The Steam store page is coming soon.