I got my November ArtSnacks box today. I haven’t really gotten much of a chance to make something with my new materials yet (save for a bit of testing in one of my tiny sketchbooks). The rich blue paint stick/crayon seems pretty interesting though. I’m not a big fan of gold, but I like the way the Wide Copic Marker and the metallic pen work together. And I did use the green tissue paper to make a bunch of paper cranes!


Got my first @artsnacksblog box.

This month it included a double-tipped Winsor & Newton ProMarker (the blue), a Sakura Gelly Roll white gel pen, a ZIG Posterman waterproof marker (orange), which leaves a mark like wet chalk, and a tiny sample of Kraft Stonehenge paper.

The markers apparently work on ceramic, glass, wood, etc but I haven’t had occasion to try them on that yet. The paper’s surface seems like it’ll work well with oil pastels so expect to see some mini drawings soon. The Winsor pen is much bluer than the brown paper leaves it; the spots where the marker goes over white ink show the blue to better effect; I expect I’ll get fair use of that drawing in edging on some mirrors.

For the artsnacks challenge (use all the items in the box in one art piece) I chose to speed-draw my husband; I included a picture with the markers for size reference.