Andres Amador (b.1971, USA)

Artist Andres Amador is a San Francisco native, world spirit. He doesn’t paint or sculpt. He prefers a medium that is temporary but absolutely beautiful: a sandy beach at low tide. He uses a rake to create works of art that can be bigger than 100,000 sq. ft.
He spends hours creating these intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever. (src. Feel Design)

© All images courtesy the artist

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Tumblr Artist

Paulette Jo | on Tumblr (Mexico)

Based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Paulette Jo is a young artist and illustrator who creates magical sketches with colored and graphite pencils. Paulette’s drawings offer an insight into a dreamlike world, all of that into what amounted to a unique style based on recurrent themes: daydreams, nightmares, the beauty and the mystery of childhood.

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