Andres Amador (b.1971, USA)

Artist Andres Amador is a San Francisco native, world spirit. He doesn’t paint or sculpt. He prefers a medium that is temporary but absolutely beautiful: a sandy beach at low tide. He uses a rake to create works of art that can be bigger than 100,000 sq. ft.
He spends hours creating these intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever. (src. Feel Design)

© All images courtesy the artist

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Tumblr Artist

Paulette Jo | on Tumblr (Mexico)

Based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Paulette Jo is a young artist and illustrator who creates magical sketches with colored and graphite pencils. Paulette’s drawings offer an insight into a dreamlike world, all of that into what amounted to a unique style based on recurrent themes: daydreams, nightmares, the beauty and the mystery of childhood.

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Wes Lang - “The Studio”

Los Angeles based artist Wes Lang in the process of setting up his very first solo show in the framework of a museum. Here you can listen to some of Wes’ own reflections on his works and see how the exhibition has been built up

The following image is from the self initiated project ‘Silentium’. When researching for the project I became a bit obsessed with silent film stars from the 20s. I then started to unearth all the huge amounts of speculation and legendary stories that surrounded so many of the stars deaths.

This image is of Jean Harlow. A very magical character. Both beauty and talent oozed through Harlow, however happiness did not. The Platinum blonde bombshell was one of the most iconic film stars and became the main inspiration of Marilyn Monroe. Her relationship with her father was both physically and mentally abusive. He would beat both Jean and her mother and pester her for sex. Her first husband was a liar and cheat who stole money from her. Her second husband was MGM producer Paul Bern. He was twice her age and despite having the reputation of being “A nice man” things soon turned sour. Rumour has it that Bern was born with genital abnormality. His penis was undeveloped and the size of a small childs. They couldn’t have intercourse and Jean was unaware of this before they married. He became very abusive and would take his frustration on Harlow regularly. He would lash out and punch her and on their wedding night he beat her repeatedly across her lower back with his stick. Two months later he was shot, suspiciously, but thats another story! After a string of failed marriages it became clear that more import than money and fame, were happiness and love. In 1935 Harlow met actor William Powell. They quickly fell in love and she finally felt that she had found ‘the one’. However Powell fresh out of marriage was reluctant to marry so soon. Harlow was both sensitive and heartbroken and turned to excessive drinking. Also her deranged mother had started to take over Jeans life and had forced her to have several abortions. This only forced her to drink more.

Jeans sad death was not directly due to any man, but to her mother. A firm follower of the Christian Scientist sect, she was opposed to hospitals, care and medicine and forced her opinions on to her ever weakening daughter. Years of bleaching her was literally rotting her scalp. Her constant alcoholism and beatings were slowly breaking her, inside and out. just after her 26th Birthday she fell ill. She had gained weight, could not walk and was constantly shaking. She was taken home and watched over by her mother who refused to let her go into hospital and refused any visitors. Nurses and friends were sent away and days later her best friend, actor Clark Gable burst though the doors of her home and past her mother to find Jean Harlow in bed. She had tripled in size and lost all her hair. She could hardly breath or swallow and her kidneys had started to fail. Reports say that the stench was unbearable, She was no longer able to urinate and was now exerting waste from her breath. Her mother still refused any nurses into the home and 2 days later she slipped into a coma, her lungs filled with fund and her kidneys failed. They believe that the damage to her kidneys was partly to blame on the constant bleaching of her hair and the damage it was doing soaking into her skin and partly from the constant lashings she received from her ex husband.

Bleak… Well here she is in all her glorious glory. I can’t wait to get this one printed. This is the final Digital Illustration ready to now be Screen printed. This is not how the final image will look! This is just the first stage. The final images are currently being printed in full CMYK separations. The final pieces of art will be available to buy in a very limited run of signed and numbered full colour, A3 screen prints.