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“The Pitch” is the first of our series of “Startup Stories” videos about how to build and grow a great entrepreneurial venture. In this episode, founders and investors from Birchbox, SideTour, Proclivity Media, Of A Kind, Artsicle, Warby Parker, OKCupid, Shelby.TV, TechStars and Union Square Ventures share their insights and advice about what it takes to craft a great pitch. Stay tuned for more episodes to come!

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Netflix for artwork... and cars

I’m not really into fine art and that kind of stuff, but this seems like a really cool idea!  This new service allows users to pay a monthly fee and rent artwork for their own personal enjoyment.  Users can switch which piece they have whenever they want, or just keep the same one for awhile.  I also probably like this idea because the CEO of the company and I share the same name :)  Anyways, this article got me thinking about what other kinds of businesses could piggyback on this same idea of renting things by way of a monthly fee.  For example, these services already exist for movies, designer handbags, and now artwork; but what about other products such as cars.  The reason I chose cars is because I would really love to take advantage of being able to switch cars whenever I felt like it, especially living in Colorado.  Let’s say that this month it’s cold and snowy, obviously I want my 4x4 Jeep to get around.  But in a few weeks it’s going to get warmer out, so I would much rather be driving around in a cute little convertible with the top down.  This idea is genius (in my opinion).  Maybe this is my calling in life, to start a new kind of car ownership/rental service.  I could make millions!! (If I see this service pop up anytime in the near future, I’m going to assume that whoever started it stole the idea from me… or if it already exists, I’m going to be real sad)