Here is a close up of the piece, “Cosmic Love”, featuring Umbreon and Espeon!! Here you can get a good look of the little details and color. The original will be available for purchase starting tomorrow at the “Pokémon In Love” art show at Honey and Butter at the Irvine Spectrum!! I hope you get the chance to see it in person! Thanks for looking! 🌞🌙✨

We’re doing a submission callout for our zine and art show by asking one question “What’s it like being a punk of colour?”. 

From your lived experience, you can answer this in any 2-D format (or 3-D or video for the art show) a poem, a photo, a story, a painting, a sculpture, a scene report of the punx of colour in your town (even if it’s just you, maybe especially if it’s just you), whatever format is appropriate for your work.  

deadline is march 11th.

more info and detailed specs here!


@Regrann from @bradoart - Timelapse of my Ghost in the Shell peice. Loves working on this one mixing the cool lights with the warm tones of the skin.

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Just a little sample of what will find at Sakuracon’s Artshow this weekend! I have two panels filled with Recurring Quest collection as well as other monstrous things.

I also have a pile of goodies in the Print shop: random button packs, blank greeting card packs, prints and print packs.

As always, you can also visit my shop

biuty.png - Probably 2014
Another unfinished project. The plan was to fill it all with triangles. I remember i had to take a break from it for some reason. And when i came i couldn’t remember the technique i shaded with. I was really disappointed.
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Rounding up “ Safe Space”. As the title suggests this piece is my reflection on the current political climate. I usually don’t explain “the meaning” of my work but I feel the need to emphasize that this is more than a “pretty picture”.

Duality forms one of my recurring themes & it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of it in here.
The wings are a combination of the male & female grouse, a bird renowned for camouflage. They spend most of their time on the ground, not traveling far. The red wing tips, “fingers/ hands” refer to the first drawings of men, to the need to create but also to bloodied hands, the will to destroy. The feathers form a shelter to protect but also the exclude; a bubble so to speak. The outer form of the wings refer to the swastika, a symbol of peace in some regions but to most of us a symbol of horror. A suggestion of history repeating itself.
The covered face stands for protection but also suppression, exclusion & indifference. It also suggests religion with all its facets.
I tried to give the features a non distinctive sex, to emphasize the androgynous theme, which started with the wings.
The coldness of the skin suggest a “dead to the world” attitude & the fact that the person is “Caucasian”, confront me with my own struggle with race/racism.

This piece is my contribution for the “Winter Flock” exhibition The Convent Philly starting 10 Feb 2017.