At the back of every excuses you make is FEAR!
It’s been living inside of you rent free all these years 

and you’re not even aware of it.
We are all scared of something and sometimes, of everything.

But you ask yourself ‘YES, I AM AFRAID but what can I do about it?’
Acknowledging that you have it is the first step. 

Don’t be scared to say that
‘Yes, I’m afraid!’

Be specific.
“I’m afraid of letting people down.”
“I’m afraid that if I fail doing the thing I love, I won’t ever recover from it.”
“I’m afraid of not being good enough”
“I’m afraid that I still don’t know where to start”
“I’m afraid that it’s too late for me”
“I’m afraid of not figuring out what I want to do with myself.”

You have to be as detailed as you can be.
Facing Fear head on removes the shackles that binds you with it. Don’t let it paralyze you or cripple you.

When you have enumerated your fears, and even cried your eyes out about it (yup, I did), you’ll realize that it’s okay. 

It’s okay to feel this way. It’s okay to have such feelings. 

This only means that the thing that you fear the most is the the thing that means so much to you - your dreams, your family or friends and it will remind you of those times when you were a child, back when society hasn’t corrupted you. You’ll be reminded that doing the thing you love (or being with people you treasure), even just a little bit, the emotions that you have when you do it (when you’re with them), where time seems to stop and your heart and soul are transported to that safe haven, weighs so much more and is stronger than all your fears.

And even if your fear is not knowing what to do, acknowledging it, assures you that all great things take time and that it’s okay to give yourself a break and enjoy the moment.

After all, as humans, our weaknesses and fears bind us together. The people who truly love you will continue to do so and will love you even more when you open your heart to them and show them the things that scares you the most.

I’m afraid.
You’re afraid.
Hold my hand.
Let’s be afraid together. ~ arTShie

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Komagayda: A Writer who Dares to be Different

When it comes to fanfiction, people have written a lot of works that, more or less, have the same plot or the same alternate universe. And most of you readers don’t mind these at all. Some of you may find these cliché, but the majority continues to enjoy them anyway. After all, fanfiction is about simply enjoying yourselves. Whether it’s by quick reading a one shot or by binge reading a multi-chaptered fic in one sitting, fanfiction is about letting yourself unwind and having something to squeal or to cry about your favorite characters. It’s not really about the plot, but about what the fic makes you feel when you read it. It doesn’t matter how many similar Coffee Shop AUs you’ve read as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

But if you come across a work that gives you a unique plot as well as scenes that triggers your emotions, then wouldn’t that be considered a bonus?

Introducing to you, Komagayda, a writer who dares to be different by coming up with completely original ideas!

Komagayda, as known in AO3 ( @kougaons in Tumblr), has four works under the YOI fandom. He likes writing mostly Science Fiction AUs but he has also written a Fantasy and a Vampire AU.

His most notable work is World’s End Holiday, a 20-chapter Science Fiction AU that has garnered 570 kudos and 7,105 hits as of date.

Komagayda has a talent for drawing readers in with his believable poignant world-building and the mysteries that drive his stories forward. In World’s End Holiday, for example, the story starts off with an introduction to the environment where Yuuri was and what he was doing by engaging the senses of the reader. Here’s the first paragraph of the story:

The friendly horns bounced through the morning air, slightly scratchy from the sound of the old vinyl record on the turntable. The smooth sound of the music carried airily as Yuuri Katsuki, age 23, stretched. He’d just finished setting up his solar still for the day, and picked some small tomatoes. The cucumbers and lettuce looked like they were coming in well, and the rudimentary cage he’d built around his strawberries seemed to have kept out any hungry scavengers so far, so hopefully they would grow to maturity soon.

Komagayda doesn’t randomly throw the reader into the middle of some conversation or action scene, where the reader would have no idea as to what was happening. He also doesn’t start like “ten years before the main plot,” doing long, elaborate, but unnecessary background information that, although essential when it comes to the upcoming drama, is really arduous to have to go through.

Somehow, he manages to go straight to the point without shocking or confusing the reader. It is easy to be drawn into his stories and to lose yourself in the worlds he create. With each chapter, he introduces a question or mystery that needs to be solved and it leaves readers wanting to find answers. There is never a dull moment with Komagayda’s writing.

Want to know more about Komagayda? Read the rest under the cut.

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haikyuu x hogwarts

Soo, I got asked to share my Haikyuu Hogwarts au headcanons for my fav characters by lovely @time-limit​ so here ya go 


  • Muggleborn
  • 100% Hufflepuff honestly fight me on this
  • turns into an animagus in his 3rd year after a backfired experiment with his best bro that included a forbidden potion
  • that’s a secret though because otherwise they would both obviously get expelled or worse
  • his animagus form is a great horned owl, while his patronus is a hawk
  • his favorite subject is Care of magical creatures
  • plays in the position of Chaser at the Hufflepuff Quidditch team
  • becomes captain is his 6th year


  • Ravenclaw student
  • is a Pureblood coming from a notable house
  • has adopted prejudices against muggleborns from his parents, but changes his mind after he met Bokuto
  • is one of the best students in the school
  • favorite subjects are Charms and History of Magic
  • he’s kinda bad at Potions though (compared to his other subjects at least)
  • he’s only able to produce a Patronus charm after he became friends with Bokuto and is amazed that it turned out as a Great horned owl
  • (he’s slightly embarrassed about that fact)
  • Has no interest in Quidditch at all 


  • Slytherin & Halfblood
  • The family of his father is notorious for their connection to the Dark arts
  • he’s therefore got a bad reputation at school
  • only his close friends know he’s basically the opposite of a dark wizard
  • best friends with Bokuto and a secret animagus as well (in form of a black cat)
  • favorite subjects are Potions and ironically, Defense against the dark arts
  • his patronus is a panther
  • also Keeper of the Slytherin Quidditch team
  • his ambition is to become an Auror


  • a halfblood Ravenclaw student
  • he didn’t know about his mother being a witch since she died early and his father never told him
  • for a Ravenclaw, he’s kinda lazy (but still good in most subjects)
  • does not particularly enjoy going to Hogwarts but still prefers it to his old muggle school
  • during his childhood he befriends a neighborhood cat, later it turns out the cat is no other than Kuroo Tetsurou in his animagus form
  • he’s friends with Akaashi and Hinata (a Gryffindor student)
  • managed to sneak in his handheld and fav games in his 2nd year at school (but tends to play in secret because his fellow students keep annoying him about how this strange muggle device even works)
  • his patronus is a domestic cat


  • Slytherin student coming from a family of Purebloods
  • plays in the position of Seeker and later becomes captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team
  • most of his friends are in Slytherin as well
  • he’s a very good student and ambitous to become an outstanding wizard
  • favorite subjects are Charms, Transfiguration and Astronomy
  • owns a white fluffy pet cat
  • he’s amazed by dark magic but doesn’t engulf further in it after an accident where he cursed one of his friends
  • his Patronus is a fox


  • Halfblood & Gryffindor 
  • Beater at the Quidditch team
  • has already been friends with Oikawa before Hogwarts
  • Oikawa was the one who told him that he might be a wizard
  • they are probably the only Slytherin/Gryffindor duo who aren’t rivals
  • (they still get into lots of fights and discussions tho, especially because Iwa hates everything related to the Dark arts)
  • his patronus is an American foxhound
  • favorite subjects are Herbology and Muggle studies
  • edit: he’s been adopted that’s why he doesn’t know about the wizarding world even though he’s halfblood

anonymous asked:

The seven plus Nico & Reyna at a performing arts school for the thing

Performing arts school for the thing


  • Piper being there for vocal 
  • She’s an alto but she’s still somehow the star of the chorus 
  • Annabeth is there for art and architecture
  • She wins all the awards 
  • like she’s that girl that enters art competitions and gets her art displayed at museums
  • Reyna’s there for modern dance 
  • she’s so good at it it’s intimidating 
  • Leo’s there for fine arts
  • His sculptures are all pretty good but the unit where they have to make things out of scrap metal blows all of the other projects out of the water
  • Percy got accepted for technical theater 
  • He writes a lot of comedies for the drama department and he’s an amazing director 
  • Annabeth helps out with the scenery which is how they meet 
  • Hazel is Percy in technical theater
  • she specializes in costume design
  • Frank is in ballroom dancing
  • he’s that kid that you expect to be super clumsy but he’s actually really good at it 
  • Jason and Nico are in the drama department
  • Jason is the hot male lead all the time
  • Nico’s that drama kid who is dark and brooding and people don’t expect him to be that good but dAMN boy can ACT 

I got really carried away but i just love this 


BE DONE with those who were never true to you,  those who couldn’t even prove if they are on your side or not.

BE DONE with not prioritizing yourself.

BE DONE with the people that only consider you as an option.

BE DONE caring, expending effort and throwing yourself at people who doesn’t really give a crap about you.

BE DONE waiting on people.

BE DONE begging for attention and love.

BE DONE of people who you can’t be yourself with. 

BE DONE trying to be everything to everybody.

BE DONE being available to everyone.

BE DONE trying to get validation from people.

BE DONE with all the drama and shit. 

BE DONE for beating yourself up for all the wrong choices and all the wrong people.

BE DONE for thinking that you’re ok when you are not. 

BE DONE with the things that doesn’t bring you peace and happiness. 

BE DONE on giving up your dreams and thinking that you couldn’t make it.

BE DONE for thinking that you deserve less than the best. 

BE DONE for not loving yourself first. 


I’M DONE. Shie’s DONE.

We might not have everything but we always have the

YOU choose to allow people to hurt you or not.
YOU choose who stays in your life
and YOU choose who you’ll leave.
YOU choose LOVE.
YOU choose to see the GOOD and learn from the bad.
YOU choose to appreciate the little things
and the past no matter how dark it may be
because through that you become the person that you are now.
In the dark you learn to appreciate the light.

REMEMBER, You always have a CHOICE.

—  artShie
Someone else’s success does not equal your own failure.
You have your own path to take,
your own journey to make,
your own success to achieve.
Envy does not make you better than you are now.
Being bitter does not bring you any closer to the greatness that is for you.
—  artShie
YOU are DIFFERENT, and that's AWESOME!

You don’t ever need to justify yourself to others. Sometimes you don’t even know the answers to all the why’s. There’s no use to rack your brain trying to explain why you love, like, hate or loathe something. One could be disturbing another could be cute but both would be awespiring to you. The problem with society now is that people want to just be in sync with the norm, too afraid to spread their wings for they might get shoot down or be considered as an abomination. What’s wrong with being an OUTCAST? What’s wrong with being different?

Why do we fear to do the things we love? To dive into greatness and be transformed into the divinely blessed creatures that we are?

God made us according to His image but that doesn’t mean we were made all the same! We were not made to just conform to this world’s twisted standards.

NO! We were made for GREATNESS! NOT for mediocrity!

Don’t let anybody, don’t let any word or not even you, define who you are and be labeled into stereotypes.

Bask into the marvelous gift of your uniqueness. Enjoy every moment, every mistake, every day. Just savor & own who you are!

Truth and Lies

Why do we fear to do the things we love?

To dive into greatness and be transformed into the divinely blessed creatures that we are?

God made us according to His image but that doesn’t mean we were made all the same! We were not made to just conform to this world’s twisted standards.

NO! We were made for GREATNESS! NOT for mediocrity!

Not to just survive but to LIVE!

We often fear the truth but it’s not the truth that we really fear but the thought of not having that truth realized. We succumb to fear because surviving is easier than living. Then, we shrink deeper into indifference because it’s the safest place to be. We build lies upon lies and escape reality to make the days bearable. However, the truth is we are just running away from our own greatness. We refused to hope because to fail at something that is truly important to us would not only devastate us but would place us into the oblivion. We choose apathy rather than love because we had let life numb us by incorrect people that we supposedly “loved”. And so we now stubbornly fight with ourselves and refused to accept the truth because, then, if it’s the truth why is it something beyond our reach? Why is it something unattainable? So we cast it aside and chose the lies because at least there, we don’t hope and we don’t care and we would never fail since it’s the world that we built to safeguard ourselves. It’s the world that prevents love and real happiness from ever reaching us and transforming us.