Local plug alert! Artscraps over in Saint Paul. Did you know that they have classes and an art camp as well as help supply schools and crafters?

Got any extra craft stuff to donate? Need some funky fun recycled crafty stuff? Give ‘em a call!

I should be able to fix this Asami…”

“We all feel the same way Korra. What matters now is that we’re here we and we’re rooting for her.”

Okay, I’m so bad at words and I can’t express my level of concern for Jess.  But I really do hope for the best for her because it hurts when I hear about people going through this level of pain. All because they enjoyed a little happiness they found in a cruel, dark world. To be able to be apart of a community that share similar interests is a wonderful feeling that shouldn’t be destroyed by others.

So even though I don’t personally know you Jess, I just want to let you know a lot of people are hoping for your full recovery. Get well soon Jess. 

“Whole bodies of water, filled with salt! Do you know what salt is Eren?”

Are there any fanfics of Armin meeting Titan!Eren when he was young and they become best of friends and Armin finds out a whole bunch of things about Titans Hanji would literally cry? Are there any stories where Armin meets Titan!Eren when he’s young and Eren rescues him during the Fall of Shiganshina? Are there any stories of Titan!Eren and Armin, platonic or otherwise?!?!?!!!? I have a mighty need!!! SnK fandom, help me!!!! ;A;