highlights of alex hirsch’s panel at houson comic con

  • his retelling of the story of how he found out about fanon purple-square-demon tad strange
  • bill was originally green but he looked like a leaf so they changed it
  • “doritos are the bane of my existence”
  • soos is based off a very weird guy alex knew in college
  • “for now i’m trying to make the best thing i can with mickey mouse watching me. [mickey mouse voice] don’t mess it up, alex!”
  • there will be a copy of dipper’s journal available for sale in 2016, which has information in it that we haven’t seen in the show yet. alex is trying to get invisible ink in it.
  • “being on the other side of the portal messed ford up in some ways, which we will learn in the next episode on monday” (that’s today)
  • scrapped episode - a twin convention comes to town and dipper and mabel go and all the twins there are really creepy “like the twins from the shining”
  • inspirational speech about art
  • scrapped episode - wendy shoplifts from the mysery shack, stan catches her but instead of firing her is impressed with her shoplifting talent and then they try to steal a diamond from the gravity falls history museum together
  • “i’ve NEVER seen a human bill fanart that looks how i imagine bill would look if he were a human”
  • in response to “was the baby in a tale of two stand shermy pines” - “i cannot talk about the baby. the baby is off limits, next question.”
  • “imagine a mountain of grunkle stans. add up all their ages, that’s how old bill is.”
  • dipper’s hat was originally going to be red, but alex thought the design looked too much like ash ketchum
  • in response to “will mabel and pacifica ever be friends?” - “mabel is very forgiving and pacifica is warming up, so we will see!”
  • fiddleford is currently hiding in “a very good place to hide, in gravity falls, that is built to survive an end-times scenario” (so probably the bunker)