- Animalistic Art -
Animals have always been a source of inspiration for art. From prehistoric cave paintings until today’s art scene animals are omnipresent. On artsation we have put together an exciting and varied selection of artworks featuring animals as their central motif.
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- Simone Fugazzotto, The Monkey Show, 91 x 111 cm

Winter is coming but at Artsation we let colors shine!
The former chief editor of German publication Joy Isabell Flohr showcases a forceful brushwork and bold colors in her paintings such as Sumo (2011), (150 x 150 cm). Flohr’s oeuvre is full of energy and will vitalize any room with its sheer intensity. Throughout the day we’ll post more colorful paintings of amazing artists. For further information visit our website at
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It’s Autumn so we want to offer you some artworks that fit perfectly in your collection of this fall. One Artist you have to know is Thomas Demand. The artist recreates photographs out of paper and cardboard, in a scale that is true to the original size of the setting. Demand then photographs these sculptures. And this is what you get. A complete illusion of reality. Visit our website at for more artworks. 


- Autumn Blues -

Inspired by the melancholy of autumn, the Artsation team has put together some artworks that capture the sublime and moody atmosphere of this season. Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work Time Exposed: # 312 Pacific Ocean for example manages to depict the meditative silence, which we associate with autumn. Andy Warhol on the other hand is more interested in the lively and fiery color palette of an autumn forest as can be seen in his silkscreen print Neuschwanstein. A more subdued and calm approach awaits us at the lakeshore of Lorenz Estermann’s large-scale photograph Fisherman’s House I. In his linocut Coleman’s Pond Alex Katz also uses a calmer and subtler aesthetic similar to Sugimoto and Estermann. Working with muted colors and artful lines Katz succeeds in suggesting an autumnal pond despite the high degree of abstraction.

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Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) had a deep and lasting influence on art and was furthermore a crucial initiator for socio-political developments. Considered to be one of the most important artists of the 20th century, he was active mainly in action art - his contribution to the documenta 1982 in Kassel where he began planting 7000 oak trees in the city area remains unforgotten.

The visionary artist, Joseph Beuys, also created various drawings, watercolors, woodcuts and collages. His drawings were an important medium for experimentation.

The above etchings and lithographies are high-quality museum editions - hand signed and numbered, available in small editions of 25 copies. Many of the sheets are part of the well-known “Suite Zirkulationszeit”, a series of 21 sheets of museum-quality that take up motifs of earlier drawings.

We are happy to present to you the graphic work of a big artist in broad variety and high quality in our artsation shop.

“Die Leute haben alle gesagt, ich solle auf die Kunsthochschule gehen.

Ich dachte, das ist etwas für Looser.” (J. O.)

Julian Opie liebt es, die Medien zu wechseln. Malerei, Zeichnung, Print und seit einigen Jahren auch Computer animierte Serien mit Frauen und Landschaften. Jet Stream von 2013 stammt aus einer dieser letzten Serien. Das Bild ist gerahmt, signiert und nummeriert.

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Jet Stream, 2013. Edition, limitiert auf 35 Exemplare

Lentikular Druck, 106 x 60,5 cm    

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