~My cover for my Book Of Shadows/Grimoire 🖤 I’m planing on painting more on the front, like a beautiful design when it dries. All my pages for the book are finished tea dying and drying, finally! I let them dry outside to experience and dry up the earth, wind, sun, feel the grass, and the shade. When I chose my colours I went to the store with no plan, and picked colours that just felt me, they felt connected with me in someway. I’ll start with the stitching tomorrow if everything goes as planned and my painting is finished. I bought pastel pink string, and a rainbow ribbon that I’m planning on using. I’ll keep posted.~



Okay Lottie here’s what happened. I wanted to do something for Mer-May but I couldn’t figure out what. Then I read the HCs for your Mermaid au and i imagined this. Sailor Hux. Lassoed by Mermaid Kylo. With a gold and diamond chain from his treasures. His Queen/newest treasure will not be leaving anytime soon. (This is also my first minis and mermaid dolls!)

Check out my new video on my channel Kimberly Gomez 👉🏻 👈🏻 to see what I painted from The Disney animated film The little Mermaid🐚💗