Couture Bullet: “Old”

A perfectly preserved suit from over 500 years ago. The wearer’s sworn secrecy shall be kept intact thanks to the stylish, burgundy shawl draped over their shoulder. Soft like velvet, but woven tightly, this suit once in vogue will make you feel powerful and mysterious. 

After what feels like 40 years, Lothar’s Old look. I need to redraw his Child outfit lol. His Guns were called Umbran Prodigy.

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Cheap, easy way to make faux leather armor?

EVA foam!

Here are two tutorials on how to make EVA foam look like leather.

You can also cover the foam with vinyl.

musketeers on tumblr

Porthos: Great theme that he’s really proud of. Fucked up code. Posts memes.

Aramis: ~The Discourse~, from a pseudo-logical point of view  

Athos: Main blog: only reblogs of art & crafting and similar; side blog: ALL THE EMOTIONS

D'Artagnan: Just so many memes. Wants to be everyone’s friend but also to fight literally everyone.  

Bonus: Monsieur de Tréville: Still on LJ


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Hey people,

For the time being, I’m going to post one new comic each week instead of two. I enjoy making these comics, but I’m low on cash and I need to focus more on profitable ventures.
If all goes well, this extra time will allow me to sell and market more of my buttons, other merch, and maybe some other art pieces or crafts.
Thank you to all the people who have been supportive, I hope this isn’t too disappointing. Feel free to message if you have any ideas you’d like to share.

lil life update ✌️

So the interview with the arts and crafts store the other day went well, but I interviewed with a cafe yesterday and was hired on the spot before the retail store could get back to me!

I’ll be starting this week and while my schedule is going to get really busy (and definitely be something to get used to), with the addition of this second job I’m really looking forwards to the opportunities this job gives me. With the extra money, I’ll be able to afford grad school this fall and my upcoming move to the mountains this winter ☺️ I’m just hoping the busy hours won’t drive me crazy!!


Precision masking.

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Well, spring is practically over and I only just finished this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Who says seances have to a nighttime affair? This is for laying on your stomach in your back-garden, in the sunshine with two glasses of lemonade (one for you and one for the ghost).

I used the same base pattern as last time, but all of the spring-themed changes and the planchette are my own 💖

~my last cross stitch ouija board~

~for people wondering about the pattern~   

✨don’t delete my caption!✨