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This week I had the privilege of working with the Arst University Bournemouth Costume and Make-Up Courses and the band the Beau Bow Belles on a music video for the song “These Days”

I was both behind the scenes photographer and 2nd video camera operator. Here is a small sample of my favourite images of the 2 day shoot at Upton Country Park. Will post a link to the video once it has been edited.


Title: ArtSway’s New Forest Pavilion

Artists: Hew Locke, Christopher Orr, Mike Marshall, Gayle Chong Kwan, Dave Lewis, Sophy Rickett

Venue: Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596 (Fondamenta del Soccorso)

Artsway’s New Forest Pavilion is a mixed exhibition, featuring the work of six artists specifically selected for the Venice Biennale – and unsurprisingly the work varies much in terms of style and subject matter. The surreal beauty of Mike Marshall’s video, A Prism Splits Light is immediately seductive, pressing the viewer to linger in the mystery of the scene. Yet across the hall lies the work of Dave Lewis, whose conceptual backstory – the retracing of steps taken by his ancestors – feeds into the photographs on display.

Elsewhere Gayle Chong-Kwan’s The Obsidian Isle has an altogether more mystical, fantastic atmosphere, as huge-scale digital prints portray panoramas of an imaginary island. The Obsidian Isle is the resting place for the destroyed buildings of Scotland, and indeed these images have an apocalyptic feel, with the gothic colouring and dramatic angles. Sophy Rickett’s video To the River has a related atmosphere; displayed in a darkened setting, figures emerge to discuss the rise of the Severn Bore, transporting one into the spectators’ sphere – yet never revealing the event one is there to see.

Painting also is represented by Christopher Orr, with dark and murky hues recalling the banks of the Venetian canals. Finally, a full-scale installation by Hew Locke, Starchitect, manages to round off the selection of artistic media, albeit in a rather garish and unusual manner. Plywood and cardboard constructions at first appear adorned with precious materials, but on closer inspection appear to be cheap knick-knacks, undermining the viewer’s acceptance of the scene at face-value. While indeed a diverse selection of works, there is in fact something for all tastes at this year’s ArtSway pavilion.

Jennifer Owen 


So as well as a foodie I’ve also recently gone full-time into the life of freelance photography and film making.

I’ve been really pleased with a recent campaign I shot for the Arts University Bournemouth, which has been a national print ad in both the Independent and the I, as well as online.

These are a few of the pictures for the campaign - I particularly like the images in the woods. Totally worth the 6am shoot time.

The team I work with at the AUCB have really made this campaign something special. Well done to all involved!

Photography is my true passion in life (other than food, fashion and the vintage lifestyle), and it is always an amazing achievement to see your work as a full page advert.

For those of you who don’t know the Big Pink Shell even has his own blog: