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26 october 2016 - glendale, az


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.7.17

feminist hoop art by femmebroidery

i’m majorly crushing on this embroidery hoop art — the feminist script, the lovely floral design, all of it.


Andrea Dezsö’s Lessons From My Mother series, 2006:  
Andrea Dezsö (Hungarian-Romanian, b. 1968, Transylvania, Romania) - 1: My Mother Claimed That If You Let A Man Fuck You, 2006  2: My Mother Claimed That If You Went Outside With Wet Hair, 2006  3: My Mother Claimed That Our Destinies are Written in Our Palms, 2006  4: My Mother Claimed That Our Nanny Had Six Puppy Dogs, 2006  5: My Mother Claimed That My Grandmother Loved Me Even Though, 2006  6: My Mother Claimed That Eating Greasy Food Without Bread, 2006  7: My Mother Claimed The She Talked About The Vet In Romanian, 2006  8: My Mother Claimed That Wearing Skimpy Bikinis, 2006  9: My Mother Claimed That A Woman’s Legs Are So Strong, 2006  10: My Mother Claimed That Men Are So Horny, 2006  Embroidery: Cotton and Metallic Floss Embroidery on Cotton Fabric

A warm up painting from the other day.  I rarely paint without a pre-drawn sketch or color rough, but sometimes it’s fun to just let go and see what happens – apparently, bright colors!


I’m about to toss myself in bed to get a couple hours of sleep before a very early flight, but wanted to post these two wee moths I made before my very welcome vacation (more on that later!).

They’re examples for an embroidery workshop I’m teaching at the end of April, but I love them so much I’ve decided they’re also my friends*

*I’m re-reading Anne of Green Gables right now in advance of watching more of the new series that’s being aired here & I think Anne-with-an-E’s way of thinking is percolating even more so than usual in my brain!