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Monsieur Pierre Bergé (November 14, 1930 - September 8, 2017)

Monsieur Pierre Bergé, the longtime partner of the late designer Yves Saint Laurent, died in his sleep at his country home at Saint-Remy-de-Provence in southern France.

A passionate philanthropist and art collector, Monsieur Pierre Bergé was also a tireless campaigner for gay rights and donated a large slice of his fortune to AIDS research.

Two museums he masterminded, dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent’s life and work, are to open in Paris and Morocco this year.

He married the American garden designer Madison Cox, 58, in March, who will now replace him at the head of the Berge-Saint Laurent Foundation.

Photography: AFP Photo/Stephane De Sakutin


Jacinta, 1925 by Louis Ginnett (British 1875–1946) by Carlos Buenaventura

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Part Two: How to Play a Fashion Designer

Fashion is one of the most glamorized industries - movies portray fashion designers as fabulous, large life-living, gorgeous girls who spend all day drawing and looking at fabrics. And while some of that is true, the majority of what a fashion designer does is very different from that. No, fashion design isn’t Project Runway. As a fashion designer myself, I’ve put together a guide to help any rper who’s playing a fashion designer - it’s one of my biggest pet peeves to see an unrealistic, and frankly, annoying fashionista. I hope this is helpful! This is Part Two, and Part One, which covers living in Manhattan, can be found here.

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