arts of fashion foundation

Piccadilly Circus

Acrylic on paper

This piece was a final piece for Art Foundation.

The intention for it was to make my audience interact with art. There were labels on a table for people to hang on the frame of the painting as to what they thought each person in the image were doing/saying/thinking.

Rihanna Bringing Her Third Diamond Ball to New York

After a hugely successful 2015 Diamond Ball, which raised over $3 million in donations for the Clara Lionel Foundation in Los Angeles, founder Rihanna has just announced the third gala.

Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel Foundation – named after her grandparents Clara and Lionel Braithwaite – in 2012 with the goal to to support underprivileged communities in health, education and art. The foundation has since teamed up with fashion house Dior and was even recognized when Rihanna received Harvard University’s Humanitarian Award.

The third annual Diamond Ball is set to go down Sept. 14 at New York City’s Cipriani Wall Street. 

“New York always offers the perfect backdrop for an amazing event, which is why I am thrilled to have Diamond Ball there,” Rihanna said in a release. “It’s a great way to celebrate the Clara Lionel Foundation’s accomplishments as well as bring awareness to our mission globally. I know it’ll be a night to remember!”

If it’s anything like her previous benefits, the singer’s third Diamond Ball is a guaranteed good time. Special hosts and speakers have included Brad Pitt and Kevin Hart and live performances from Lionel Richie and RiRi herself have made for memorable fundraising.


We visited the new designers show in London as part of an art trip, through school. We looked at the visual communications/graphic design/illustration kind of section.
I was thinking about doing an art foundation and then going on to do a fashion course after. Well actually, in all honestly I was more on the borderline between illustration and fashion design for a while as @artofennun really opened my eyes to the world of illustration. Before looking at her artwork I was deadset on fashion design. After a while I did decide that actually fashion may be better for me. However, after walking around this huge area, filled to the brim with exciting and innovative new designers, I was pretty surprised to find myself back in the same situation as I was in before. Illustration or fashion. I am going to do an art foundation (hopefully, if I get in) to help me decide the path I want to take. This exhibition was simply amazing and I would definitely reccomend it to anyone going into foundation or is interested in art. Of course, I brought back a gazillion postcards and business cards because the designs were just fabulous.
After coming back I was a bit tired but I did manage to practise my handwriting for the first time. Well, it’s not really practising my handwriting it was more like looking at my handwriting and subtly tweaking parts so I liked it better.