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Noel is currently OPEN to commissions!

I have opened myself to drawing commissions! I’m trying to pick up my career as a freelance illustrator, and every dollar counts to pay my bills and keep myself afloat - I would love your support!

If any of this interests you, please contact me! Thank you very much!!

Prices (All digital art & full color) :

$10 Icons

$15 Waist Up

$25 Full Body


Requesting a Slot and Payment:
-Please send me an email at with the subject “Commission Inquiry”. (*Note that this is NOT the email I use for Paypal! I will only disclose that to you via email when you have decided to commission me.)
-There is no limit to the amount of slots open, so commision away!

-All payments MUST be made through PayPal and in advance. I will not begin a commission until I have been paid fully.

-Commissions will be completed within a week of payment, but sometimes life can be busy and could take up to 2 weeks, in which case I will definitely let you know beforehand!

*What I will draw

*What I will not draw:

Please reblog and spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated!

(commission info will also be regularly updated on my commissions page!)

Meet my OC :D

Things that Vik has in his bag:
- reading glasses
- lens cleaner and cloth for glasses
- hand cream
- chapstick (strawberry flavor)
- wallet with tons of library cards, couple cinema tickets and a lot of phone numbers from different people, (not much money)
- tissues
- old phone
- penknife and lighter (always useful)
- little notebook and a pen
- shiny star stickers (he sticks them onto people sometimes)
- little bottle of water
- mint gum
- keys (sometimes a lot of them)
- books from a library

Road to Success: Before Opening for Commissions

Artist’s Notes

**First off! I made this specifically for DeviantArt, and then realized that it really applies to every artist who is looking to get into the market of freelance work. I apologize that this journal references that site specifically quite a bit, but the information is still solid.

Commissions. Commissions. Commissions!
It’s all anyone on here seems to talk about. It’s like a measure of popularity.
But there’s a lot of danger in opening for commissions before you’re prepared, and that’s what this particular journal is about. Let’s avoid the common commission pitfalls (a journal for another day  ) and get a healthy, fully prepared start!

Build Your Fanbase

I’ve seen some people join deviantArt (or other sites) and instantly expect to get commissions. We’re talking the same day that they sign up.
Sorry, that’s just not how it works. Actually, you’ll be lucky to get commissions on deviantArt at all. DeviantArt is a community of artists. Sure, there are some buyers on here as well, but very rarely will you find regular work on this site. I like deviantArt because it’s a social network with other artists. It’s a place where I can come to make friends and learn. Sure, I can advertise myself on here, but most of my work comes from my Twitter, Tumblr, and own legwork.
I’d recommend establishing yourself with the same username in as many places as you comfortably can. When you’re narrowing down the prospects, I’d say to avoid small, start-up art communities (you know the ones I’m talking about, those “exclusive”, “by invite only” art sites. Who is going to buy your work there?). Make yourself known on established websites where there is already a user base to be a part of. Twitter, Tumblr, Art Station, Behance, deviantArt, LinkedIn, ConceptCookie and even FurAffinity (if you’re into that kind of thing) are all fantastic options.

Understand Pricing and it’s Consequences 

First off, don’t sell for points. Points is quite literally the equivalent of pocket change. 80 points is $1.
That means that if you’re selling a full color image for 500 points (which I see all the time) you’re selling it for $6.25.
$6.25 for a full picture. A full picture that I can promise you’ve spent more than a half an hour on.
I’ll write a full journal on how pricing works, but generally, you should not be selling your work for less than minimum wage per hour.
I’ll go through a lot of other pricing options in the other journal, but keep in mind that you are working on artwork. This is your time and you should be paid for it. Yes, you might absolutely LOVE doing artwork (so do I!) but you should still be paid for creating images for other people.
If you choose not to be paid now, or to be paid in pocket change now, or to be paid for $5/hr now, you’ll likely regret it later. Your “target market” for lower pricing will not be the same as your target market for average pay. People who pay in dA points likely won’t be returning for more work later, and if they do, it’ll be for the same price. People who are willing to pay what your work is worth are more likely to be repeat customers, are likely to talk more about your work if you do a good job, and are, of course, willing to give you the amount that you deserve so that you’re doing less work for the appropriate amount of money. If you spend most of your time targeting the lower-range market you won’t be able to raise your prices later. (For the record, I’m not talking about general watchers and followers, some people just can’t afford to buy art or don’t need it, but they’re no less valuable in terms of having an awesome fan base. We’re strictly talking about clientele here).

Create a Strong Terms of Service Agreement

Do your research!
Don’t just look at other ToS Agreements on deviantArt, many of them are not strong. If you can’t afford to hire an attorney, do some serious Google searching. There are a ton of really good samples of what your ToS should include.
Again, I’m planning a full journal for this as well, but a few points I could make right now are to include;
A) That you own all rights to your work. Make sure that this is a part of your Terms of Service. Yes, it goes without saying that you own what you make, but many times customers have the misinformed idea that because they’ve paid you they automatically own the artwork and can sell it, make prints of it, etc.
B) A clause about what happens if you become ill. I know it’s likely not something you’re thinking about now, but what if you take a commission and suddenly become ill or are involved in an accident of some kind? You’ll want to detail out what happens. Does the customer get a full refund? Do you require an extension on the work deadline? Do you retain their deposit or the payment for the work that’s been completed, but refund the rest? Think about this now, not later.
C) Bounced checks and returned payments. What if the client pays you in a check and it bounces? What happens if they do a charge-back with PayPal? Is there a fee that you’ll need covered? Most companies have a Returned Payment Fee because they don’t want to get stuck with the fee from the bank or processing center. It’s a smart fee to have included in your contract. From a consumer point of view, I know we all hate that fee, but from a business perspective, it’s a smart idea to have.
D) Do you have a Rush Fee? If a client contacts you and says “I need this done in three days time!” and your average turn around is a month, will there be an additional charge? Keep in mind that this means you’ll be putting all your other clients on the back burner, working longer hours than usual and possibly even weekends or holidays - maybe both. Most artists do have an additional charge for this. Think of it as over time.

**Have a Terms of Service before you open for commissions. Not after. Don’t wait for something to happen where you wish you’d had one.** 

Have Samples of Your Work

Weirdly enough, I felt the need to add this in here. I’ve seen a few people open for commissions that they don’t even have examples for. I’ve been contacted by people who have seriously told me “I don’t have any samples of animation, but I’m a really good animator. I work for $50/30 seconds. When do I start?”.
Don’t be that person. If you’re offering character design commissions, have some samples. If you’re offering storyboard commissions, have some samples. Illustration? Have some samples. Badges? Make some samples. Animation? You guessed it. Samples.
By doing this you’re not only showing your potential customers that you can provide the work you’re claiming you can and giving an example of quality, you’re doing yourself a favor by knowing an approximate of how long it’s going to take you to finish the work so you’re not overcharging your customer or short changing yourself.

In Closing

Remember! These steps aren’t just to help you get more commissions, they’re there for your protection. You don’t want to be involved in an all-too-common horror story scenario where a client can take advantage of you, and you don’t want to give your client a horror story about yourself (that they’ll undoubtedly share with every one of their friends and followers).

Protect your client, protect yourself, and protect your business.


Commissions are now open!

  • Please let me know what size you want your character in
    (icon; half body; full body)

  • All prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollar)

  • Paypal only. I’ll send an invoice once I start on your commission

  • Contact:

I’m starting college again soon and it would be great to have some income to pay for school ;; Please consider commissioning or signal boosting me!! 

Thank you for reading!!

I’m opening my commissions! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Paypal only please (Payment in full beforehand)★

Works best with bright colors and feminine characters (No anthro)★

Artistic freedom and stylistic choices will be made★

Mild NSFW okay★

[You must confirm the terms of the commission before an invoice will be sent. A lot of people forget this and I wait to hear back from them–In this case I move on to the next inquiry and re-open that slot.]


Im opening up 2 waist up commission slots.
Sketch for $50
Clean for $100
Email me at

Reference: (you must have image of who you want drawn)
Extra: (Anything specific like pose/background/shapes/words/etc.)
Your Paypal: (I’ll send you an invoice after I agree to your commission)
Your Blog: (I can credit you when I post it/ put anonymous if you wish to be)


January 9th - Sketches and Ayando

Well… as you can see Ayando is my OTP (and the reason why I got so into Yandere Simulator) so I had to draw them.

And thinking about their relationship, since Budo is a year ahead than Yandere-chan, he is also Ayano´s senpai, and I just thought that, when Budo starts his crush for Ayano (and considering that she never says her senpai´s name), at first, he innocently thinks she is referring to him when she is dreamily talking to herself 8´D…


Up to 2 characters in one picture (+ $3-$10 for one additional character)

Hi guys, re-opening my commissions for a bit!

l’ll love forever everyone who would spare some money, also, it’d be much appreciated if you shared this post! :’)

Payment through PayPal only~!

If you are interested you can email me at to order (i’d love if you sent refs, plus don’t hesitate to ask questions!) and i’ll email back for confirmation and payment details

Things I can draw:

  • Fanart
  • OCs ( reference will be needed, this can include photos, info about their personality, backstory etc.)
  • Animals

Things I won’t draw:

  • ships i’m not comfortable with
  • mechanical, detailed stuff / robots / weapons
  • g/ore and n/s/f/w/ in general
  • backgrounds

And remember, prices are ALWAYS negotiable!!



Now, you all must be wondering, “Gosh/OD, what ever could it be that could make you do semi-urgent commissions?” Well, to put it simply: I’m in need of a new laptop! Yep, you heard me, a new laptop. This one that I have has been slowly dying, and it’s about time for me to put it to rest, so I’m doing sketch/lineart commissions! Sketches prices range from $10 - $20 (max. two characters, +$5 for extra characters), and lineart is:
$10 for busts, $15 for waist-up, and $20 for full body! (if you want me to slap on some simple colors or draw in an extra character, its +$10!)
I’m hopin’ to get to at least $200, since that’s how much the laptop I’m looking at costs, but yeah! Slots are open! (Ask me about NSFW stuff!)
10. OPEN

btw, some examples of my work/what you’ll be paying for:


Ok ya’ll convinced me to open up commissions!
Everything I have to offer is pretty much in the above post, but I wanna add:
Won’t draw: 
Racist, degrading, or disrepectful tropes
(light injuries such as blood etc is okay, nothing extreme.)
HEAVY NSFW (I’m quite fine with drawing certain things but we can discuss this if you’re interested)

If you are interested or have any questions - you can message me (off Anon) here or my email at
Am happy to chat :) 
Please keep in mind, I’m a fulltime employee and am not always granted the time I need to work on pieces - but it is my top priority when I’m at home 👍

EDIT: You can view my work at @hana-designs or my Hana-art tag for this blog

Open slots (FULL)
Another 5 will re-open as soon as these are complete <3 

“You Atlas specialist think you’re so special, don’t you?”
“It’s in the title.”

Collab with @nivelfloss​ who did the amazing coloring! Their battle was epic and I really hope we can see more of them (especially Winter) in future episodes!