arts in 2014

Alright so here’s my story!

Basically around the time when I was first watching Jack’s videos he talked a bit about going to college for hotel management. So at the time I thought that his job was being a hotel manager and YouTube was something he did occasionally, I quickly learned that wasn’t the case 😅

I have no idea why I did them in my free time, instead of sleeping (smthing I really need right now XD)
I’m in my tmnt phase again, so… here’s some humanized cool turtles!
I think they’re from the 2014/2016 movies versions..? I’ve watched those movies in loop for a week or so ahahah I totally memorized them  ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)


Mike Dargas (1983-)
“Fade to Black” (2016)
“Of Wolf and Man” (2016)
“Tony III” (2016)
“Justita” (2015)
“The Unnamed Feeling” (2014)
Oil on canvas

Easily mistaken for photography, Dargas’s work is a testimony to his extremely precise oil technique. To achieve such detailed perfection, the painter studies his models and subjects with intensity and intimacy. 

anonymous asked:

hello ! i was looking for a certain fanart of yours, the DaiSuga one that has Daichi tracing on Suga's back. I looked through your archive and your DaiSuga tag and found that i wasn't there?? and when I tried to find another piece of fanart, I realized it also wasn't there?? Is there a reason for some works being missing? I was sad when I couldn't find them anymore and wondered if it was intentionally taken down or if it's a glitch of some sort. Thanks!

Hello my dear Anon,

It has been made on purpose - I sometimes hide posts with old art that no longer match my current level of art - or in other words when I start cringing when I look at them :] Sorry for the inconvenience! 

I guess I could maybe send the jpg file to you (if I won’t die of cringing while doing it) so contact me maybe? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Or. I will just post this picture together with this ask and then die a bit and remove it a week alter ;;;;;;