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Some more Maria while I desperately try to figure out this texture stuff

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Mom, Dad, I did a thing!! It’s not my best artwork but I hope that you like my lil’ sketch of the two of you!

P.S. you two are just the cutest <3

P.P.S I really appreciate all that you both (and Papa) do for all of us - whether that’s a random question about AOT, some advice or a little comment which really brightens up our day, it means a lot.

Keep being adorable

honestly someone telling me I’m not good with balance in my art and something’s are too much and other things are not enough is like…..a super good representation of how I usually experience my feelings and also how people tend to view me. too much!! not enough!! at least there’s like one consistent in my life, I have no concept of balance.


alright i really wanted to post both of em !! left is Venus, right is Elliot ! 

venus is around 24, and works at a cat cafe. he wears lolita and sews in his free time! 
elliot is a sex worker and he likes to design houses as a hobby! 
venus and elliot have known each other for around 6 years, and they live with each other! ; u ;