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John La Farge - Magnolia [1859] by Gandalf’s Gallery

“La Farge once explained the intention of his still life paintings, “My painting of flowers was in great part a study; that is, a means of teaching myself many of the difficulties of painting, some of which are contradictory, as, for example, the necessity of extreme rapidity of workmanship and very high finish. Many times in painting flowers I painted right on without stopping, painting somethings far into the night or towards morning while the flower still retained the same shade, which it was sure to lose soon. This obliged me to also know the use of my colours and the principles of the use of the same, for the difference between daylight and lamplight is very great, and the colours as one sees them in one light and not the colours of another. That we all know, as even the ladies do who wear different colours for night from what they do for the day.”

[Sotheby’s, New York - Oil on panel, 40.6 x 29.2 cm]”

John La Farge (March 31, 1835 – November 14, 1910) was an American painter, muralist, stained glass window maker, decorator, and writer.


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