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Hi there @in-sideunder / @outsideover

I’m that crazy girl on Tapastic who asked to make a Leadfoot cosplay! I’m really, really sorry that it took this long, but my sister @ottomancouch and I have been working very hard on this during my time off from school and here it is! (months later, I’m really, very, truly sorry for keeping you waiting!!!)

BACKLASH has to be my favorite webcomic. I publicly apologize to my sister for annoying her by jumping up and down and going totally giddy whenever there’s an update! 

I had not even finished reading BACKLASH when I decided that I wanted NEEDED to cosplay Leadfoot. She is my queen (and not the blackhole kind!) she’s funny, strong, determined, confident, smart and I basically want to be her when I grow up. 

Not to mention her kick butt style! Making this was really fun to make! I have to say the most difficult part was the boots which I had to spray paint and paint and glue and cut and yeah… it was a lot! 

My amazingly talented sister took these pictures and we decided that the colorful and beautiful graffiti of Downtown Los Angeles’s Art District would be the perfect backdrop for the pictures! I even took pictures of the street art without myself in them, which I can post later @in-sideunder if you’d like inspiration or just want to see the awesome street art us Angelinos make! 

Thank you so much @in-sideunder / @outsideover for creating such an incredible webcomic and character and for letting me cosplay Leadfoot! I hope you like it!


February 20, 2017


By Hueman

I am constantly seeking balance: between the beautiful and the grotesque, the abstract and the figurative, and that golden moment between sleep and wake. —Artist’s Statement, Hueman

The Latin word for twins, Gemini is generally associated with the mythical Castor and Pollux, born of the same mother but different fathers, one human and one divine (Zeus). When Castor was killed Pollux appealed to Zeus to share his immortality and the two were transformed into the constellation on which the astrological sign is based. In 2014 Allison Torneros, aka Hueman, painted these twins on Imperial Street in the Los Angeles Arts District. While they are unfortunately not likely to prove immortal, they are nonetheless a fine demonstration of the mix of abstract and figurative that comes from her unique freestyle process, beginning with the spontaneous and ending with the tightly refined. @hueman_