arts decorative

I was thinking about mundane ways to use the Champions abilities, like lowkey magic that can be hidden as decoration. Magical art projects if you will.

  • Revali’s Gale would be good for calling up the wind, and maybe even a storm. So perhaps windchimes? Make one yourself, or buy one and decorate it. Have Vah Medoh’s symbol, a bird charm, or a sigil for ‘vah medoh’ or ‘revali’s gale’ on it. This is easier to do if your chime is made of wood or glass. Let any natural wind or rain cleanse it.
    If you need some wind, channel Revali’s brash confidence, and then chime it. Chime once with a soft whistle for a light breeze, three times with a middling whistle for a strong gust, and chime ten times with a sharp, loud whistle to call up a storm.
  • Mipha’s Grace could be a sensory bottle, filled with light blue water and silver glitter, and little seashells and other ocean things. Tie a little elephant charm around the top with some twine or green thread to represent Vah Ruta, or draw sigils for ‘vah ruta’ or ‘mipha’s grace’ on it.
    When you have extra energy or are in a particularly good mood, charge the bottle with it, and think of Mipha’s kind, calming presence. Shake whenever you need it, letting all the good energy run through you and cleanse it in moonlight, rain or running water. Make it small, and you can carry it with you, or make a big one in a jar and maybe add a waterproof led light for extra calming affects.
  • Daruk’s Protection would be a fun one. Take a small fish bowl and a cork that fits, or any wide mouth glass jar with a cork lid (even better if it’s red!). Make a little poppet or popsicle stick house to represent you or your space. Draw a Vah Rudania’s symbol or a sigil for ‘vah rudania’ or ‘daruk’s protection’ on the house or on paper to stuff the poppet with. You can also draw it on the bottom of your cork. Add a layer of red sand and sea salt to the bottle, and drop in the poppet or house. Put the cork in, and if you want, tie a little lizard charm to the top.
    Envision a shield that deflects harm and toxicity covering you/your space and charge the jar, thinking fondly of Daruk’s courageous and friendly nature. Cleanse in the sun or with healthy plants that have agreed to help you.
  • Urbosa’s Fury would probably be the hardest, but I think another sensory bottle would work. Instead of blue water have it clear, with red, yellow and orange glitter, so it looks like a desert sunset (or, if you’re a desert witch, maybe you can use actual desert sand?). Get some lightning bolt charms, jacks (like the game), and maybe some glass beads and add it to the bottle. Draw Vah Naboris’ symbol or a sigil for ‘vah naboris’ or ‘urbosa’s fury’ on the bottle, or tie a little camel charm around the top.
    Cleanse in the sun, during a thunderstorm, or on top of an electric device like a tv or a charging dock. Shake hard when you’re angry, letting it all out into the bottle to charge it. When you need a quick curse, call up Urbosa’s righteous fury, shake the bottle and release the energy like a bolt of lightning with a snap of the fingers.

Good wood - ok so this one’s a bit random but I kinda love it all the same. The ‘Cloud House’ in Springfield, Missouri, by Matthew Mazzotta is a cabin with rainwater flowing from the cloud above to recreate the soothing sound of rain on a tin roof, allowing you a little escape from the everyday, anyday.