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Living by the Moon

The Moon.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you cannot deny the powerful effect the Moon has;
upon our tides, upon nature and upon the Human mind.
For She lights up the night, so we in the dark may see.

As of my writing this, a New Moon has just occurred in the sign of the scales, Libra ♎︎
A New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar month, a cycle that lasts for between 29 and 30 days.

In my experience it is very beneficial to live by the rhythm of the Moon. This way we can work on our creating our future, the way we would like it to be, one month at a time. But how?


Whilst the moon is lightless, crossing in front of the sun, set your goal, what do you want to have achieved in 30 days time?

Perhaps set one big goal, and several smaller ones, which may or may not be directly supporting the larger goal - just ensure you avoid spreading yourself too thin. The New Moon is the perfect time to decide to try something new for a month.


Now one day at a time, with your goals in mind, work towards making them a reality. Avoid expecting too much at once, and take each day as it comes!


As this is the brightest the moon is during her cycle it is possible that one’s intentions can manifest at this time of the month, but in any case it is a point to recognise how far you have come over the last two weeks - if you have been working steadily towards your targets you will definitely notice your improvements since you began. This may also be the time in which you realise your vision, and see the potential final form your project might take! It’s a time to celebrate!


As the Moon’s light begins to turn away from the earth, one’s focus shifts from building up towards the goal to maintaining the infrastructure they have already implemented. This is the time to make tweaks and ensure that the details are indeed all in place and as they should be; perform any trimming and pruning as you see fit to ensure your project’s longevity.


Once the waning crescent disappears from the night sky, vanishing into the rays of dawn, we reach the end of our cycle. At this time we must review the past month, how did we perform, what was successful, where could we have improved?
Through this process of review we can identify what held us back, and make the conscious decision to let it go, to banish it from us, so that we may enter the next cycle without baggage and doubt; cleansed and ready to take on the next month!

You may find it particularly beneficial to choose a project that is associated with the the sign of the New Moon, this month is ♎︎ Libra so subjects related to art, law, relationships and balance will naturally take focus in some way for the month. The next Full Moon will be in ♉︎ Taurus which is associated with ART, BEAUTY & NATURE ~ it really is the perfect time for Deviants to try out experimenting with a new medium, technique or subject for the month and really make use of the chance to kickstart some growth in your art form!

All the best & enjoy working by the Moon’s Light.

Thorors Olymthoro

Title: The Queen (The Tragedy)

Artist:  七堂

Artist’s caption: Kimi ga kono higeki no “Joou (higeki)” nanda = It’s because you’re “the Queen (the tragedy)” of this tragedy

Permission was granted by the artist to repost this work.  Please do not redistribute without the artist’s credit.

forgot to post this one during the christmas break.

now that i’m back in uni i was wondering if any of you was interested if i’ll create a twitter account where i’ll put sketches (and will complain about everything) and/or in commissions. Just let me know, okay?


Designs I did for SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). I haven’t done much UI/HUD & motion graphics before, but I like the aesthetic we created. These where ment to be placed fairly small in the composition just as a detail and therefore the time we could spend was minimal. It was intense and I loved to work on it. Art Direction by Sophie Charlotte Andresen ~ EDONGURAZIU

anonymous asked:

Percico headcanons in high school of them doing different things? (Drama, sports etc.)

  • Percy and Nico are both in the drama club and are working on a play together. It didn’t take the others long to notice they were inseparable. 
  • Nico (who is on the school newspaper) is interviewing the school’s swim caption (Percy Jackson) over coffee after school. (Which is totally not a date, clearly it’s all professional *wink*)
  • Percy, the normal school kid, falling for the adorable guy who always hides behind his camera.
  • Nico tutoring Percy in Italian (and laughing at him when he can’t pronounce the words correctly)
  • Percy and Nico being paired up together for a science project. 
  • Nico is an art student, and loves drawing on Percy’s face with washable markers. 
  • Percy and Nico are in Home Ec together and may or may not throw flour at each other when the teacher isn’t looking. 
  • Nico is the star of a play and can’t stop watching the cute, clumsy guy working the lights. 

(I may have found another type of headcanons I can’t stop writing…)
The Limit Does Not Exist

The Limit Does Not Exist: A Podcast for People Who Don’t Fit in Boxes

 We talk with Taoufik Nadji, professor of physics, astronomy, math, and forensic science at Interlochen Arts Academy. Professor Nadji is famous at Interlochen for his ingenious ways of incorporating arts and science and making STEM thrilling. We discuss some highly collaborative projects that will blow your mind, why the journey to a solution is as important as the solution itself, and how teaching is also an act of learning. Plus, wait for Professor Nadji’s answer to the age-old student question: “What does math and science have to do with my life?”