arts and crafts fail

SoC couple activities


  • Classy date night on a low budget
  • Cooking Italian food to compliment the stolen breadsticks from olive garden
  • Sneaking snacks into the planetarium and pretending to be outside under a sky full of stars
  • Swimming on a private beach


  • Glamping (High-budget camping)
  • Walks in the park
  • Crashing high-society parties
  • Waffles in cute indie cafés 


  • Put tiny flowers on animal’s heads and post the photos with meme captions
  • Organize a party and collect donations for the local animal shelter
  • Watch old Disney movies and cry
  • Try (and fail) at arts and crafts
  • McDonalds drive-thru on a horse (funfact: actually works)
Merry Christmas @cryptomoon!

Dear Reanna, I hope you have a wonderful winter holiday, and that you enjoy reading this pile of fluff.

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Secrets and Schemes

“Mr. Hale?”

Derek turns, eyes scanning over the rest of the class, then looks down at the boy who called for his attention.

“Yes, Andy?”

“Mr. Hale, I’m finished,” Andy says, handing over a sheet of paper.

Derek glances at it, and then back at Andy.


He knows the boy is smart, but this is the fastest he’s ever handed in a worksheet that Derek gave out to the class. Andy is also prone to doing what he’s not meant to be doing instead of working on the assignment, so Derek takes the worksheet off him and narrows his eyes on the scribbles. The handwriting isn’t easily legible, but he’s used to the kids in fourth grade still getting a handle on writing nicely. The school didn’t drop cursive from the curriculum entirely, but it’s not a priority, and Derek knows that some of the kids struggle with finding a way that works best for them.

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Signs While Home Alone
  • Aries: Sneaks around the house like they are in a James Bond movie
  • Taurus: Watches Netflix
  • Gemini: Walks around half naked
  • Cancer: Dances around the house
  • Leo: Barrel rolls down the stairs
  • Virgo: Jams out to Taylor Swift
  • Libra: Almost burns the house down trying to make food
  • Scorpio: Pretends that they are filming a music video
  • Sagittarius: Runs through the house as fast as they can and runs into the wall
  • Capricorn: Glues macaroni to the dog while doing arts and crafts
  • Aquarius: Tries to do a hand stand and fails miserably
  • Pisces: Doesn't even realize that they were home alone so they stay in their room

anonymous asked:

some kuro/oi please??

one of the greatest rare pairs ever 

  • Oikawa taking Kuroo to an alien convention and Kuroo is just like ‘what did i get myself into’
  • K idk why i thought of this Kuroo cosplaying as Nico and Oikawa as Maki and i am Love Live trash someone help me
  • oh god imagine them trying to cook and both failing. 
  • oikawa is a master at arts and crafts and has a sufe cute etsy shop and he forces Kuroo to help make stuff but kuroo doesn’t even know how to work a hot glue gun rip
  • *COUGHS* these two at the gym working out together 
  • i like the idea of them bike riding and going on a picnic together 
  • Oikawa trying to fix Kuroos bedhead but somehow makes it worse
  • Oikawa talking about weird ass stuff in his sleep and Kuroo gets it all on video