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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.17.17

theme thursday: let’s hear it for quartz

hand-carved raw quartz rubber stamps by extase // no. 10 | no. 11

extase’s hand-carved stamps are great for crafting and creating, and their series of quartz point designs are RIGHT up my alley.

Made my own diy alcohol botanical inks. The red one is Hibiscus. I’ve filled half the jar with the dried petals and added Everclear. The blue one is Butterfly Pea Flower. I’ve put in a tea bag of the dried flowers and added Everclear as well. The rich pigment is from only one day and I periodically shook the jars a few times throughout the day.

Sooo, @cupidoago asked me if I could explain how I made my sleep circle and I’d be happy to share!

I started with a green Styrofoam wreath base and glued on some pieces of paper with sleeping related sigils on them.
Then, I took the thick ribbon and cut 3 even lengths, checking that the length doesn’t make it hang too low to the bed. I wrapped the ends around the base and hot glued them into place. Then I brought all the ends together and hot glued those.
Then I used some fake vines and wrapped them around the base. Same with a vine with the white flowers on it. I stuffed the ends into the Styrofoam and hot glued them in place. Then I kinda moved them around and made them look neater.
Then, I took 6 fake hanging wisteria blossoms and jammed them into the Styrofoam and hot glued them in.
Now, the witchy part, I have 4 sachet spells (good sleep, no nightmares, strong relationship, no anxiety dreams), viles of herbs (black salt, sea salt, fire salt, 3 with lavender, thyme, catnip, jasmine, chamomile), and I have a stick of Selenite and a clear quartz point tied up there too! I just attached all of that with lengths of ribbon tied to the vines or around the base.
If any of that didn’t make sense, please let me know! I hope it was helpful and if you decide to make one please tag me if you post pictures!!

Transparent wooden clutch DIY

Hello everybody!!!

Transparent clutches are starting to become more and more famous.So why not make one of your own?

To make this transparent clutch you will need:
-2 simple wooden picture frames or you can make your own frames and glue the glasses as I did.
-2 metal clasps
-a metal lock clasp
-a belt
-a hammer
-a drill
Good luck!!

If you don’t want your all of your things to be visible there is a tutorial in the end of the video that shows you how to make a smaller embroidery wallet.

♡▪◇°•¤《ART RAFFLE /⚠ END⚠》€•°◇▪♡

{ We made it over 400!! woo!! God, I couldn’t believe it!! But I won’t be picking the 6 winners [ yes 6] cause on Friday I’ll be on a airplane, flying to my death. Jk, I’m visting my grandma.

{ So Let’s get to the prizes, right?}

If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll get to choose how you would like your art to be drawn like for examples;


2. FULL WITH LINES/ 50 % pain


4.SKETCH WITH A BIT OF SHADE and color/ Best for these hands

5.PAPER ART! color or not/ my love

{ Well if you want in the raffle, reblog this and you’ll be able to be in. I’ll send you message if you win, you can choose.

{ btw, next 100+ I’ll get boris and sammy to join this blog. you saw sammy, here’s boris;

{ kay, bye END OF RAFFLE

Testing out the two new botanical inks I’ve made myself and one that I got from a local artist from the Witches’ Night Market! The inks I’ve made are alcohol based (dried flower petals with Everclear added). The red is the Hibiscus, the blue one in the middle is Butterfly Pea Flower and the last one is a blue one made by Caitlin Ffrench of These Secrets (she’s really awesome and I want to take some of her classes some day!). Also, thanks to @fenditch for the idea of using shells to hold the inks.

Tools of the Trade - a 00Q cross-stitch

I’ve hinted about working on something a bit crafty to Team Q Branch and I’m so happy that I can post it at last!  This baby has been months in the making, going through at least five different pattern variations (and two half-completed attempts at bringing it to life), but it’s finally finished!  This version is a ten-color piece measuring approximately 6 inches by 5 inches.  More pictures below the cut!

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