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That convo reminded me that I heard It Will Come Back by Hozier and immediately thought of Tf:M Orion/Megatron.

it’s fine anon…im only crying a little b itt……………….

Don’t let it in with no intention to keep it
Jesus Christ! Don’t be kind to it
Honey don’t feed it - it will come back

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Can you list some pros and cons for each U.C.?

We sincerely believe that it’s a bit of a task to make this list, considering how much there is on the Internet providing the answers to your very question. However, for the heck of it, we’ve taken a stab at things—just don’t take this list too seriously:

UC Berkeley pro: all the academic programs are great, tons of history, near San Fran
UC Berkeley con: good luck getting in (most selective), actually reads your essay, sheer intelligence of students make you feel inferior, famous tower is a complete ripoff of the Italian original, you might get mugged

UCLA pro: in the most interesting city in the Western US, academics are as solid as its architecture, arts and culture abound nearby
UCLA con: insufferably rich neighborhood that may offend your proletarian tastes, danger of accidentally walking in orthodox Jew neighborhood when you’re not supposed to, high cost of living, (reader addition!) super steep hill cimbs to dorms

UCSD pro: easiest access to genuine Mexican cuisine, oceanography programs, smells like ocean, most vegan friendly dining options
UCSD con: hilly as f___, dining halls suck for everyone including vegans, engineering majors will judge you forever

UC Irvine pro: boring suburb location (safe community), excellent English, creative writing, and literary criticism programs
UC Irvine con: boring suburb location, University of Chinese Immigrants, not much to do

UC Davis pro: strong STEM programs, agricultural emphasis, bike-friendly, best vet school in the western US
UC Davis con: used to be called University Farm, cow tipping is a stupid myth, will be cited and fined for cycling on the sidewalk, ew farm country?

UC Santa Barbara pro: magnificent campus, great social scene, academic programs don’t lag compared to the partying
UC Santa Barbara con: students are politically active in that they will protest for their right to hold parties that are public nuisances

UC Santa Cruz pro: really left leaning, has a lot of trees, strong computer science program, laid back student body
UC Santa Cruz con: really left leaning, has a lot of ‘trees,’ what kind of mascot is a banana slug?

UC Riverside pro: new medical school, most rapidly improving UC school, STEM programs are getting good fast
UC Riverside con: terrible air quality, unwarranted “UC Rejects” reputation, the Inland Empire sucks, where is civilization?

UC Merced pro: semester system, greater student-faculty interaction because there are barely any students, is still a UC, good for STEM majors
UC Merced con: is UC Merced

UC San Francisco pro: offers one of the best MD programs in the country, hipster factor (UCSF exists?)
UC San Francisco con: you’re not at that stage in your academic career yet

Let’s finish on a serious note: YOU CAN’T GO WRONG AT ANY UC