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The Trevi Fountain receives around 3,000 euros every day. At night, the money is collected to subsidize a supermarket for Rome’s needy.

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy


Nymphaeum of Perge

Perge, Pamphylia, Turkey

21 by 9 m.

At the northern end of the colonnaded street stands a beautiful nymphaeum, called the fountain of Hadrian, because of the date of its of construction. This name also helps to distinguish this fountain from the other one, situated on the southern part of Perge. Hadrian’s nymphaeum is supported by the southern slope of the Acropolis hill and marks the starting point of a canal that distributed the water to various districts of the city.

The Hadrian’s nymphaeum was erected on a U-shaped plan and its base has the dimensions of 21 by 9 meters. This two-storied building was once also used as a gateway to the acropolis. There were two entrances to the structure and between them was a decorative façade with a statue of Cestros - the god of Kaistros river. 

Wind chips
As Stone dips
And a storm passes
Over Old soil that amasses.
Empty for no reason stands
A house out of demand
As Its garden trails
Further each time an estate agent fails.
Spare keys hiding
Under foot scraper forbidding
New owners to occupy
A Weed ridden land that is awry.