He Gets Insecure About Himself


You and Ashton were anxiously waiting on your couch for the first big photo shoot picture that 5 Seconds Of Summer did to come out. They should be artriving in your email any moment and you couldn’t wait.

You couldn’t get over how attractive Ashton looked that day and you could just imagine how great the pictures will look.

When the familiar ding of a new email rang out, you both perked up and clicked as fast as you could. You started scrolling through the pictures and could feel Ashton sink down next to you. You could see the displeased look on his face, even though you could only see him out of your peripherals.

“Look how terrible my skin looks.” He sighs, rubbing his cheeks. Ashton was a pretty confident guy, but when it came to his skin, he lost every part of that. He hated the way he could never clear up his skin completely.

“You look fine babe.” You reply. He looks at you and purses his lips.

“Your only saying that because you have too.” He grumbles. You roll your eyes and continue looking through the pictures, hearing him making disapproving noises and you started to get tired.

“Are you fucking kidding me Ash?” You hiss. He shrugged at you. “You realise you look amazing in all these right? The every single member of the fandom is going to think you look beautiful, like they always do.” He smirks at you, hearing the jealousy in your voice.

“I guess so. I just worry that people will say something about it you know?” He sighs. You shake your head smiling at him.

“And is they do? Everyone has imperfections Ashton. you’re seriously beautiful, don’t be ridiculous.” You kiss his cheek, making him break out into a huge smile you know and love.


You and Calum were laying in bed one night when you rolled over and found him looking through the comments on a new video he put up on Youtube, covering an All Time Low song.

“What the fuck?” He growls, continuing to scroll.

One of Calum’s biggest insecurities is his voice, so posting solo covers on Youtube was a huge feat for him. It always made him nervous, even though it didn’t appear that way in the video.

You scooted closer to his naked chest, pulling his body closer to you. “What’s the grumbling about baby?” You ask, reasting your chin on his chest and looking up at him. You begin to trace over his tattoos with your fingers as he looks down at you.

“They’re just a lot of comments making fun of my voice. Saying it’s nasally and annoying. My voice isn’t nasally and annoying…right (Y/N)?” He questions. You turn you head and pout at him.

“Your voice is amazing! I’m sure there are way more comments saying that!” He shrugs and looks down at your still pouting face.

“I mean, yeah. There’s alot of people saying they love it, but I don’t know…I just believe the other people more. They’re being more honest.” He squeaked. 

He wasn’t someone that got so down on himself. He always had this tough guy exterior, but it kind of hurt your heart to hear him talking so badly of himself just because a few people said rude things about him.

“You’ve got the best voice silly. The people telling you that you’re great are being honest! Your voice reminds me of James Bourne, I’ve always thought that.” His eyes brightened.

“From Busted!? I mean, I guess I’m pretty good huh.” He responds, winking at you. 

You giggled and kissed his chest, glad he was feeling better about himself.


Luke had gone to the doctors for his yearly check up and came back with an unhappy look on his face. He polps down on the couch next to you with a sigh. You turn towards him with a pout on your face, confused as to what the doctor may have said to make him this upset.

“What’s wrong Luke?” You coo at him, gently cupping his cheek in your hand. He looks down at his lap and fumbles with his fingers. He lets out another sigh and looks back up at you.

“The doctor said I’m not done growing. I’m going to get taller than this (Y/N)! I’m already a giant. I hate this. He made some comment about how broad my shoulders are and how I’m way taller than any guy my age. I don’t want to be taller than everyone my age. I scared the shit out of a little girl fan last week, do you remember that? She cried to her Mum saying she was scared of me because i was so tall. I don’t want to scare people!” He cries.

Your mouth his hanging wide open, shocked at how upset he is over this. You cup his face in your hands, but he looks away from you.

“Look at me Lucas.” He’s put off by how serious you sound and looks back up. “Listen to me, your height is perfect. Do you know how safe you make me feel? How comfortable you make me feel? Little girls get afriad of nearly everything, Luke. Don’t let that get to you. Your perfect, I promise.” A smile arises on his face, redness rushing to his cheeks.

“Do I really make you feel safe?” He whispers. You let out a quiet laugh and nod your head. 

“I’ve never felt so safe in my entire life.”


You were making food in the kitchen for Michael when he walked in and leaned against the counter, staring at you. You were making his favourite thing of yours, homemade alfredo pasta. You’d made this on your first date with him and he’s asked for what seems like millions of times since. You decided to make it out of the blue today, just because it sounded good.

“I don’t want the food (Y/N).” He says bluntly. He always loved your cooking, so this kind of hurt you. You turned towards him, your brows furrowed.

“What? You always want my food!” You exclaim.

He shakes his head with a seemingly grumply look on his face. “No. I need to stop eating like shit all the time. Ever notice how each of the other guys arfe fitter or thinner than I am? When they train, they don’t feel nearly as bad as I do afterwards or even during. I’m tired of being the chubby guy okay?” his sentence trials off at the end, but after he’s made his point clear he leaves the room. 

You follow him into your bedroom, calling his name as he walks in front of you but he just ignores you.

“Michael Gorden Clifford, fucking pay attention to me.” You spit and he stops dead in his tracks. You never use his full name. “You. Are not. Chubby. I can fit in your shirts, does that make me chubby too?” He turns around quickly, a frown on his face.

“Of course not, your beautiful.” He croaked. You moved towards him and rub your hands up and down his biceps.

“Exactly. So if i’m not chubby, you’re not chubby.You’re literally the farthest thing from chubby. You’ve got the best body, long legs, long torso, nice arms…I love your body Michael.” He looks down at you and smiles. “Now come and eat my food!” He laughs and follows as you drag him by the wrist to the kitchen.