~ and what is Music Animated? .. A Pipe Dream? .. i think not ~

“Medieval Golden Arches”

The oak hardwood fire
With banked flames flaring
Near the back of the stone oven
Roared in silence inside waiting

The bakers worked in harmony
So In love with their craft
As aromas swirled around them
Anticipation was in the air

The bright blue sky beckoned
And warmed them much further
For by the middle of the day
Soon by the noon, they would see

Warm rewards for their labor..
When the townsfolk come running
With love for their scrumptious,
Warm hearted, fresh baked bread ~~

poem by Tim @poetreats

for Bozena @textilecuisine

this poem

this poem begins with letters all in lower case,

not that they soon will change to upper case,

they are happy where they are.. in lower case,

but they still want this poem to be upper case,

and in that case they must work up their magic..

must make the curves and angles have their day,

must make them say.. there is no reason to delay rhyme?.. I dare not say.. to witness a crime?

..forget that way.. to be sublime?  i guess that's ok ~