nienielove95  asked:

Tell me why do you like white boys explained it t me what do you see in them,why do you like,what so special in them,what artracts you to them or what motivates you to be in a interracial relationship?

Question: Tell me why do you like white boys explain it to me. What do you see in them, why do you like them, what so special in them, what attracts you to them or what motivates you to be in a interracial relationship?

Answer: Sorry I had to sorta correct it, so others can better understand it. So, to answer your first question I’ve always liked white guys since I was younger. I think it kicked in when I was in elementary school I always looked at the white guys more and found them attractive and charming. Don’t get me wrong, I love black men, and they are very attractive as well In fact I like black guys too ;) . But the thing is people like what they like and they don’t have to change it for anyone. So, if it’s okay for black guys to like Spanish women and white women, then it’s definitely okay for black women to like white men, or Spanish men. Moving on to question number two, what do I see in white guys? Well, I’m gonna be honest with you. A persons personality is very important to me as well as thousands of other things it shows who that person is. So if we can sit and laugh or sit and have a deep conversation that draws me into you and makes me interested. That’s what I see in anyone I would date not just white guys. Moving on to question number three, why do you like them? As I said with the first question I’ve liked them since I was a kid and it kinda stuck with me I guess I don’t really have a good answer for that because, I just like what I like lol. Question number four, what’s so special in them? Um, so they aren’t really special I guess I just have a preference. Question number five, what attracts you to them? To be honest everything about them. I mean from their features, to the way they act in relationships, to how they treat family, friends and their partner. The list goes on, they are just super attractive to me lol and sweet, and caring (NOT speaking for ALL white guys.). Last but not least question six, what motivates you to be in an interracial relationship? What motivates me to be in an interracial relationship is seeing two cultures clash, seeing the world change because of it, seeing how happy it makes other people, and seeing myself happy.