artpop release

me tonight when gaga performs “ratchet” + “out of control” + the edm dj infected zedd remix of “till it happens to you” + the #LG5 lead single at the vmas and then simultaneously releases artpop act ii, music videos for “do what u want” + “gypsy” + “venus”, the born this way ball 4k recording dvd, and the lina morgana snuff film to itunes at midnight

ARTPOP Revolution

Thousands and thousands of Monsters around the world anticipate for ARTPOP and yearns to Gaga more than shit. (Please if you still don’t know what ARTPOP is, respectfully leave). 

We’ve already survived to the 2013 Gaga Public Black, which thankfully seems to be finished since last month when Gaga gave her speech and the Haus of Gaga photographer Terry Richardson released these recent pictures of Gaga, with a new guise, new appearance as never seen before, yes Gaga has changed again.

I genuinely believe the ARTPOP era has started without we even realize that. Her new clothing and appearance have everything to do with the proposed theme of her new album: “Accept Your Beauty”.

Recent tweets of members of the Haus and coworkers denounced that the revolution of Pop is coming and very very soon.

Richy Jackson (Gaga’s choreographer): “The tea is boiling !” (Tuesday)

DJ White Shadow: “Ha! It’s so close I can taste it.” (Wednesday) 

Well, we can’t deny all these news are making us too excitec to take a taste of this new tea. 

Today, 4th of July, Lady Gaga’s twitter account apparently colapsed, and it’s temporarily in remodel, as it has shown all day, changing her DP to a classical twitter Egg. Was it purposeful? Or was she hacked? For me she’s up to plan something, something big. 

She has cleaned some of her old tweets and unfollowed some as well. And as in a miracle, her alteregos’ accounts, Yuyi the mermmeid and Jo Calderone have returned back alive, all of then with a simple “:)”, plus did the Gaga Daily official account. 

Once she said ARTPOP release date would be out in a great part day (Like 4th of July Maybe) and we all know it’s ready. The right question is: Are you ready for ARTPOP?


Lady Gaga posted two images from the ARTPOP Era on her Instagram recently, and it’s getting the fans excited. Firstly, Lady Gaga gave the meaning of “ARTPOP” in the second post, which she said before could mean anything. 

Secondly, what could she possibly mean when she says “many cheers tonight for ARTPOP?” This has made some fans theorise a surprise performance at the MTV VMAs tonight. It has even made some think that she could be hinting at an ARTPOP Act II release. 

What do you think this all means?

Lady Gaga has not made a comeback. She has never left.

I watched Gaga’s performance at the Oscars today and I think she did an amazing job. But just now I saw an article on that read ‘Lady Gaga’s comeback plan: remind everyone that she could really, really sing’, and it made me mad. We all knew she could really sing from the moment she gave her first acoustic live performance. And I don’t think an artist needs to 'really sing’ to be a real artist. What about Madonna, for instance? She has never been a great vocalist, and yet she has always transmitted way more emotion and realness in her music than plenty of other singers (listen to the LIKE A PRAYER album). Shame on everyone who wrote Gaga off after the release of ARTPOP, an album that like John Mayer, who defended her on Twitter yesterday, said, didn’t get the love Gaga was hoping for. Music is not supposed to be about catchy tunes and strong hooks, but about emotion and artistry, yet apparently, this is the way things work in the music industry now. ARTPOP and Christina Aguilera’s BIONIC are 'flops’ (apparently a flop is every single album by a recognised artist that doesn’t top the album charts) to you. Well, they are a success in each of their careers to me. And people wonder why I prefer 80’s and 90’s music to the music of today. I think I have explained myself.