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This is Lady Gaga, through the eras. 

“I want to see more songwriters as artists, that have the spotlight on them for their talent. That they’re in their rooms writing their songs and it’s coming from them. Every album that they put out, you’re gonna be seeing something that’s a true struggle from a human being that’s honest and true. And at the end of the day, writing songs is what makes me really feel like I matter.” - Lady Gaga

Finished Lady Gaga Versace drawing! sorry for spam lmao.

Drawn with colored pencils and markers on A3 paper. Thoughts?

Prints of this drawing can be found here:

The original drawing is for sale, let me know if youre interested :)

Title: “Lady Gaga’s Single: Applause”
@ladygaga i love you so much. At last, here’s a better version of my drawing.
I hope you like it :)    lady-gaga  dollychops  ladygagathinks  ladygagadailybr
ladyxgaga ladygagalooxo  ♡ 

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