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ruin the friendship

SUMMARY: How long will it take until you cross the line with Sebastian?

WARNINGS: language. sexual tension???? 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is part 1 of 2… or 3 i’m still not sure. anyway, this is probably going to be the lightest of them all. oops. also, if you want to listen to the song here it is!


The night was already hazy from the amount of alcohol you had downed. You weren’t even sure who had come in and out of the house anymore. You were sitting out on the balcony with Sebastian and a couple of mutual friends smoking cigars that one of your friends had brought from their trip to Cuba.

Your eyes slowly moved from the men standing in front of you to Sebastian who was smiling and leaning against the metal railing on the glass panels. Your heart sped up in your chest at the sight of him. He looked so good; he was wearing a white, see-through loose henley with his chest hair on show and his silver chain glowing in the moonlight.

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The Summer Fling (Chapter 7) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “East Hampton Main Beach”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: It is such a bitch to keep his exact schedule in terms of public appearances straight, but this is supposed to be July 18th and 19th. Cool.

Gif Credit: @dylobrians

Summary: Dylan and Y/n spend the day together before he flies off to the West Coast for ComicCon and American Assassin press.

Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight

Dylan swam towards where you were treading water, as the waves tried to move over you and towards the beach. “Not tall enough to stand?” He smirked, licking his lips and tasting salty seawater.

“Yea, maybe I should just head back in.” You teased with a scowling grin, turning your body towards the shore and preparing to swim away from him.

“Or you could just come here.” Dylan grabbed your wrist and pulled you through the water towards him.

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I’ve been obsessing over this recently and it’s honestly fucking with me whenever I think about it: charity campaigns by for-profit corporations.

This isn’t about charity groups like the Susan G. Komen Foundation scraping every donation from the bottom of the barrel to fill the CEO’s pockets and not using it for those in need. No, this isn’t about sketchy charities like that.

This is about product manufacturers and big brand labels doing some promotional gimmick where they promise to give a portion of the profits made from their limited-time offers to some charity and those in need. This also includes things like shoe companies promising to give one pair of shoes to people in the developing world for every pair you buy during this particular sales campaign or, more recently, buying a fancy drinking glass from Stella Artois to provide clean water resources to developing countries.

But when I consider how cheap the actual parts and labor for the product is, how little it costs to provide that small amount of humanitarian aid, how sales for these products increase during that marketing campaign, how much the company makes (yearly and/or quarterly) and the very fact that they’re only using a portion of the profits to do all this, it seems incredibly fucked-up.

A company airs all these commercials to advertise their product(s), offers a discount price or a limited-edition bonus with every purchase or a one-time-only product by itself, boosts its sales to make even more money than it already was, gives a small amount of the revenue or the product made in that narrow span of time, then stops donating and pats itself on the back for being humanitarian.

Companies generating many billions of dollars with CEOs making many millions or even billions annually (with bonuses) working to increase the amount of purchases and profits for a product manufactured for the lowest possible cost, essentially saying “give me more of your money and I’ll do the bare minimum to help-out the poor people”.