Paul Phung for

Photographer – Paul Phung 
Stylist – Nadine Artois
Hair – James Langan 
Makeup – Bella Simonsen 
Models – Megan & Kathryn @ M&P Models
Stylist Assistants – Dom Harding and Abdul Hakeem
Photographers Assistants – Charlie Noon and Jenny Phung

Anon: I think ten shows ago he sang Just like HE already owned it.

Anon: I think it’s Stella Artois.

Anon: Look at RBB/SBB always making Freddie references in 2015 Q4.

Anon: Harry wears Harley Davidson today and exactly a year ago RBB wore it too.

Anon: hey, is that a rainbow luggage tag for Louis?

Anon: and Louis liked Perrie’s picture just before RBB reeappeared.

Anon: Hey what if it’s related to the Oh Boy book?

Anon: Louis followed this same photographer on twitter.

Anon: Look at the left ring finger not painted with nail polish.


Received this from Brian last week and thought I’d share it with a greater audience. I don’t think I’d change much at all. Sweet looking Bobber Brian.

I race off-road hare scrambles in the San Francisco area, and when I was recovering from shoulder surgery after a crash, I decided I needed a bike project to keep busy. Was considering a café project, but at almost 6’3”, I decided I needed something a bit larger, and decided on an old school Harley bobber.  

This bike started as a very rough and rusted 96 Harley FatBoy I picked up really cheap. The total rebuild time took five months from tear down to rebuild (and countless Stella Artois), going through all the mechanicals (carb, brakes, hoses, bearings, wiring, etc.), and fabricating many pieces including the forward controls, brake pedal, fender mounts, seat mounts, etc., etc.    

I was going to paint the tank some custom design, but over the weeks and months, just fell in the love with the blue color and decided to keep the tank stock. I painted the rear fender to match the tank, and had it hand striped with a Von Dutch-style old school scroll design. There are other touches, including a Jaguar headlight guard, and lots of black powder coating to contrast the chrome.  I think the pin-up girl on the coil cover helps finish the look.  I have had it running now for a couple of weeks and it certainly turns heads wherever it goes.

Thanks for considering this for your site.  I look at it all the time for inspiration, and it would be very cool to see my bike.

Brian Wick